Julie Land, Government Producer & Editor

Government Producer & Editor

Julie studied radio & television broadcasting in the midwest and began her career at Time Warner Cable in Kansas City at the public access TV station volunteering and later, working as a studio assistant.

Here in Massachusetts, she has worked as a news producer at WCAC in Waltham, and helped start the newscast at ACMI in Arlington.

Julie serves in a volunteer capacity as the video producer/director for the Arlington International Film Festival. And in her off hours, she is an integral volunteer serving the homeless and those in need at the Community Day Center of Waltham.

For BMC, you can often find Julie at Town Hall, Beech Street Center, or the Chenery Middle School cablecasting live TV coverage of school, government, and community meetings. Recently Julie finshed editing a documentary about Belmont's own swinging bandleader, Al Natale.