­Volunteers are the foundation of Belmont Media Center. 


By reaching out beyond your paid employment and normal responsibilities to contribute time and service to BMC, a not-for-profit cause, you showcase the belief that your activity is beneficial to others, as well as personally satisfying.  Your contribution of time & expertise make BMC an authentic community media center - the vision and voice of Belmont. As a volunteer, you are the core of our success as a true community media center.


To apply as a BMC Volunteer, please download the Volunteer Application Form, mail it in or drop it off.  We will then contact you to set up an interview and discuss how you would like to work with BMC.

Even if you have as little as 2 hours per week, you can volunteer at BMC in a variety of roles:
  • Sign up to be a studio crew member on any program
  • Volunteer to videotape or produce TV coverage of an event out “in the field”, like sports or school events
  • Work at the front desk at the BMC facility greeting members, directing traffic, and answering the telephone
  • Assist in the Gallery@BMC by helping to curate exhibits, organizing receptions, promoting Gallery events & receptions, etc.
  • Edit programs & video and prepare them for on-air playback.
  • Design & create graphics for events, issues, promos, & local programs for the Electronic Community Bulletin Board
  • And much more, just ask a staff member how you can help!

In order to show our thanks for your hard work and expertise, we created the BMC Volunteer Appreciation Program.  It rewards and honors our hard-working volunteers on a monthly basis and at the Annual Meeting & Dinner. Additionally, every spring, BMC also holds a Volunteer Appreciation Party where we celebrate all of our volunteers and introduce new volunteers and member to the BMC community.

Who is eligible?

  • BMC members who volunteer on any program or project other than their own
  • Any non-resident who volunteers time on a program, project, or event produced by a BMC member or staff member.

Most importantly: keep track of your volunteer hours.  If you don’t tally your hard work, we can’t recognize you for it.  Stop by the Volunteer Info Table (to the left of the front desk) and note your hours and tasks.   If you have questions, see Patty Mihelich at the front desk.

Each month, a BMC staff honors a volunteer who devoted substantial time and energy with a thank-you gift from our “swag stash” (hats, bags, shirts, mugs, magnets) or a gift certificate to a local business or restaurant.

For more information, contact Patricia Mihelich, Administrative Manager at 617-484-2443 or patty@belmontmedia.org