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Most Recent Episode Belmont Buzz: Patrice Garvin 12/18/18

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont Town Administrator Patrice Garvin about her first year on the job.


Belmont Buzz: Patrice Garvin 12/18/18

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont Town Administrator Patrice Garvin about her first year on the job.

Belmont Buzz: Holiday Edition 12/12/18

Joanna Tzouvelis and co-host Nancy Sarris ask Belmont Books customers and staff about their favorite holiday traditions.

Belmont Buzz: 11/02/18

Joanna Tzouvelis discusses upcoming Town Meeting with Michael Widmer, Town Moderator.

Belmont Buzz: 10/24/2018

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Yes For Belmont campaign members Ellen Schreiber and Jessie Bennett. Includes street interviews with Belmont residents and the animated Yes For Belmont promotion.

Belmont In 30: Angelo and Wega Firenze 06/13/18

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with long-time Belmont residents Angelo and Wega Firenze. Angelo is a former selectman and the current president of the Belmont Veterans War Memorial Committe, and also the director of Alumni and Friends of Belmont High School organization. Wega is a former foreign language teacher at BHS. The Firenzes talk about leaving Belmont after 30 years and selling their historic home on Clover Street.

Belmont In 30: Dr. David Alper

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Dr. David Alper. Alper recently retired from the Belmont Board of Health which he directed for three decades.

Belmont In 30: New Recycling and Trash Information 03/28/18

Host Joanna Tzouvelis discusses the new rules and best practices for Belmont's new single-stream trash recycling program with Belmont Dept. Of Public Works Director Jay Marcotte and Belmont Recycling Coordinator Mary Beth Calnan.

Belmont In 30: 03/02/18

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Town Meeting Member Lucia Wille and Mass Audubon Sanctuary Director Roger Wrubel about their proposal to transform Belmont's old incinerator site into a Skate/Bike Park.

Belmont In 30: Becca Pizzi with daughter Taylor Neill

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with athlete extraordinaire and Belmont native Becca Pizzi, 2-time champion of the 7 Marathons on 7 Continents in 7 Days challenge. Her daughter Neill joined her on the set.

Belmont In 30: Sexual Misconduct In the Workplace 01/31/18

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with local human resources lawyers Laura Panos and Judy Polacheck about dealing with the problem of sexual misconduct in the workplace.

Belmont In 30: Jim Williams 12/29/17

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with selectmen chair Jim Williams about the town's accomplishments in 2017 and the challenges for 2018.

Belmont In 30: Rats in Belmont 11/17/17

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Wesley Chin, Director of the Belmont Health Dept. and BHD intern Brianne Gray about the rat infestation in Belmont.

Belmont In 30: 10/26/17

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont Veterans Memorial Committee president Angelo Firenze and member Bill McEvoy.

Belmont In 30: 09/27/17

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Junior League of Boston president Karen Page and Nancy Sarris, Co-president of the Belmont Woman's Club, about the 2017 Designer Show House event and the internal improvements on Belmont's landmark Homer House.

Belmont In 30: Adam Dash 08/31/17

Host Joanna Tzouvelis of Belmont Citizen Herald/Belmont Wicked speaks with Belmont's newest selectman Adam Dash.

Belmont In 30: Jay Marcotte 08/02/17

Belmont's Director of the Department of Public Works Jay Marcotte speaks with journalist Joanna Tzouvelis.

Belmont In 30: Mary Beth Calnan 08/02/17

Belmont's Recycling Coordinator Mary Beth Calnan and DPW Director Jay Marcotte speak with journalist Joanna Tzouvelis about the town's recycling program and the automated recycling choice.

Belmont in 30: 06/29/17

Joanna Tzouvelis discusses the need for a new police station with Belmont police chief Richard McLaughlin and assistant police chief James MacIssac.

Belmont in 30: 06/08/17
Belmont in 30: 05/25/17
Belmont in 30: 03/10/17