Belmont Schools NOW

Most Recent Episode Belmont Schools NOW with Superintendent John Phelan: William Lovallo 04/05/17

Superintendent John Phelan welcomes guest William Lovallo, Chair of the Belmont High School Building Committee. Supt Phelan gives a presentation and speaks with Mr. Lovallo about the process of building a new high school so far and how it will unfold.


Belmont Schools NOW #7: 12/20/16 - Michael McAllister

Superintendent of Belmont Public Schools John Phelan speaks with McAllister about accepting the National Blue Ribbon Award for Butler Elementary School. They also talk about the LABBB Best Buddies program, construction of modular classrooms at Chenery, McAllister's transition to principal of Chenery, and more.

Belmont Schools NOW #6: 10/14/16 - FBE & Jamie Shea

Superintendent of Belmont Public Schools John Phelan speaks with Jamie Shea of the BHS Building Committee.

Belmont Schools NOW #5: 04/04/16 - Jim Davis

John Phelan speaks with Athletic Director Jim Davis, includes montage of BHS Varsity Girls and Boys Basketball footage of their post-season runs.

Belmont Schools NOW: 3/4/16

Superintendent John Phelan talks with Asst. Superintendent Janice Darias and the review highlights of the Chenery Middle School Mock Trial

Belmont Schools NOW #3: 02/11/16 - Dan Richards

Superintendent of Belmont Public Schools John Phelan announces new online registration for kindergarteners, the space issues at Belmont schools, and the MSBA approval of a rebuilding or improving of the Belmont High School. He discusses the latter with Principal Richards.

Belmont Schools NOW #2: 03/27/15 - Fine Arts

Superintendent of Belmont Schools John Phelan speaks with Fine Arts and Performing Director Arto Asadoorian about arts, music, and theater programs and events.

Belmont Schools NOW #1: 02/27/15

Belmont Superintendent of Schools John Phelan discusses the budget shortfalls facing the town and also speaks with Jamie Shea, President of the Foundation For Belmont Education about their upcoming events.