Belmont Special Education Advisory Council Presents: 04/16/14 - Teaching Social Skills Across The Day

Teaching Social Skills across the Day
This presentation is presented in a workshop format and includes an overview of what social skills are (what kinds of social skills there are: play and cooperation skills, friendship skills, body language), how to teach social skills at home or in the com- munity with your child (including assessing the skill, breaking it down, deciding what teaching method to use, etc.), how to motivate your child to engage in appropriate social skills, using reinforcement, and fading out the teaching.There are a number of activities involved and a review of fictional case studies.This workshop will go over the types of issues kids have with social skills but doesn’t particularly address autism or any other specific disability, the focus is really on selecting and teaching social skills regardless of disability.

Guest Speakers:

Presented by Jamie Reed, Training Coordinator and Senior Social Skills Group Leader and Alyssa Famiglietti, Placement and Progress Coordinator at Advances Learning Center.