Hungry 4 Travel

A 30-minute show that focuses on the different travel destinations and the food that is local to them.

Most Recent Episode Hungry 4 Travel: 14

Travel to the Amalfi Coast as Carol shares recipes for Linguine in Clam Sauce and a Radicchio Asparagus salad. 2017.


Hungry 4 Travel: 13

New Orleans, Gumbo and Banana Praline Custard. 2017.

Hungry 4 Travel: 11
Hungry 4 Travel: 12

All about Montreal. Montreal Steak and Montreal Eggs Benedict. 2017.

Hungry 4 Travel: 10

Episode focusing on London, including recipes for Tikka Masala and Scones. 2017.

Hungry 4 Travel: 09

This episode focuses on the Galapagos Islands, including recipes for Ceviche and Locro de Papa soup. 2017.

Hungry 4 Travel: 06

Travel to the Greek Isles and learn how to make all the fixings for a traditional Mezze Platter. 2017.

Hungry 4 Travel: 7

Travel to Provincetown in this episode, including recipes for Lobster Rolls and Clams Portuguesa.

Hungry 4 Travel: 6

Episode 6 focusing on San Francisco, including recipes for Pistachio & Goat Cheese Pesto and a Crab & Shrimp salad.

Hungry 4 Travel: 5

Episode 5 focusing on Thailand, including recipes for green curry and a spicy curry & vegetable dish.

Hungry 4 Travel: 4

Episode focusing on Arizona, including recipes for fresh salsa and chicken chili.

Hungry 4 Travel: 3

Travel show all about Ireland, including recipes for Irish Stew and a delicious Irish potato dish!

Hungry 4 Travel: 2

Episode 2 focuses on Alaska, featuring recipes for Salmon Bisque and a Berry Salad.

Hungry 4 Travel: 1

Travel show focusing on Spain, including recipes for Romesco sauce and Paella. Albarino, Rioja, and Sherry make excellent pairings for these dishes!