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Show about supporting veterans and their families

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Aim Hi: 12-5-13
Aim HI: Veterans Benefits

Pat Lawrence discusses veteran benefits with Lt. Col. David Henke, veteran outreach coordinator.

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Tuesday, 10/23/12Aim Hi - Veterans Upward Bound Program at Suffolk 10/11/12 - Pat Lawrence speaks with Chris Milot, coordinator of the Veterans Upward Bound Program at Suffolk University. This program helps veterans receive a post secondary education and job training,
Thursday, 9/27/12Aim Hi - 9/27/12 - Pat Lawrence speaks with Kyle Toto, Community Manager of, a website for veterans' benefits.
Friday, 8/17/12Aim Hi - VA Helping PTSD Veterans 8/16/12 - Pat Lawrence talks with Larry Hertz, MD and Elizabeth Price, LICSW about how the VA helps veterans with PTSD.
Thursday, 7/19/12Aim Hi - Women Veterans Healthcare 7/19/12 - Pat Lawrence discusses women veterans healthcare with Denise Koutrouba, women veteran program manager at Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, and with Trina Parker, Peer Support for Women and LGBTQ veterans.
Thursday, 5/24/12Aim Hi - Assistance Dogs 5/24/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews John Moon from Neads, a service that provides assistance dogs for people with disabilities.
Thursday, 4/12/12Aim Hi - Walk with Honor for PTSD Vets 4/12/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Faith Harris, Assistant Director of, an organization that provides service dogs for PTSD Vets.
Thursday, 2/23/12Aim Hi - Belmont Veteran Services 2/23/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews John Maguranis, Veteran Services Officer in Belmont, MA.
Thursday, 1/26/12AIM HI - Home Base Program 1/26/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Rebecca Weintraub Brendel, MD, JD and Nicholas Dutter of the Red Sox Foundation & Massachusetts General Hospital Home Base Program, a program offering clinical services for vets, including treatment of PSTD.
Thursday, 1/12/12AIM HI - Windrush Farm 1/12/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Amanda Hogan, Executive Director of Windrush Farm, an organization that promotes horseback riding to help those overcome physical, mental and emotional difficulties.
Friday, 12/9/11Aim Hi - 10/18/11 10/18/11 - Talk show about supporting veterans and their families