Pat Lawrence Show

Mental health advocate & noted activist Pat Lawrence dicusses all aspects of mental health care: new treatments, vocational rehabilitation, research and preserving access to mental health care with experts, doctors and lawmakers.

BMC On Demand Archive

Wednesday, 10/16/13The Pat Lawrence Show - Interview with Michael Dukakis 8/26/13 - Pat Lawrence speaks with former MA governor Michael Dukakis about the topic of mental illness. They discuss depression and the effectiveness of ECT Treatment.
Tuesday, 5/21/13The Pat Lawrence Show - Schizoaffective Disorder 5/9/13 - Pat Lawrence talks with Melissa Talal on the subject of schizoaffective disorder; and her own personal experience.
Wednesday, 5/1/13The Pat Lawrence Show - Stigma of Mental Illness 4/26/13 - Pat Lawrence interviews Jackie Sol who talks about her struggles with mental illness and her recovery. She also relates her experience to the stigma of mental illness.
Thursday, 12/6/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Stigma of the Mentally Ill 12/6/12- Pat Lawrence interviews Daniel O'Hearn who talks about his experience with PTSD and the stigma of the mental illness.
Thursday, 11/15/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Brain Networks, Circuits & Molecules in Schizophrenia 11/15/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Francine Benes, M.D., Director of Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center at McLean Hospital. Dr. Benes talks about how the brain's networks, circuits and molecules play a part in the development of schizophrenia.
Wednesday, 9/19/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Parenting w/ Autism 9/13/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Blaise Aguirre, M.D., author of the book "Parenting Your Child With Autism."
Thursday, 7/26/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Suicide: The Loss of a Child 7/26/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Rev. Clara Sparks who talks about mental illness in her family, including the loss of her daughter.
Thursday, 6/14/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Stigma of Mental Illness 6/14/12 - Pat Lawrence discusses the stigma of mental illness with Gisela Moreles-Barreto and Jackie Sol.
Thursday, 5/3/12The Pat Lawrence Show - The Stigma of Mental Illness 5/3/12 - Pat Lawrence speaks with licensed mental health counselor Jennifer Hinde about the stigma of mental illness.
Thursday, 4/26/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Healthy Body with an Aging Brain 4/26/12 - Neurologist Rocio Lopez-Diego, M.D., Ph.D. discusses how the brain deteriorates while the body stays healthy.