Pat Lawrence Show

Mental health advocate & noted activist Pat Lawrence dicusses all aspects of mental health care: new treatments, vocational rehabilitation, research and preserving access to mental health care with experts, doctors and lawmakers.

BMC On Demand Archive

Thursday, 3/1/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Homelessness 3/1/12 - Pat talks with Caitlin Golden of the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance.
Thursday, 2/9/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Teen Depression 2/9/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Randy Auerbach, PhD, Director of Child & Adolescent Mood Disorders Lab at McLean Hospital, who talks about his treatment program for teens suffering from depression.
Thursday, 1/19/12The Pat Lawrence Show - Ministry & Community 1/19/12 - Pat Lawrence interviews Rev. Joan Murray of Chaplains on the Way, an organization that provides chaplain services to the poor, homeless, and those living with mental illness and/or addiction.
Tuesday, 11/8/11The Pat Lawrence Show - The Psychology of Plastic Surgery 11/8/11 - Pat Lawrence interviews Dr. Sheldon Sevinor, who discusses plastic surgery, including why people get it and how it can improve their appearance.
Tuesday, 10/25/11The Pat Lawrence Show - Smoking in Schizophrenia 10/25/11- Pat Lawrence discusses effects of smoking in people with Schizophrenia with Dr. Bethany Bracken, Instructor in Psychiatry, McLean Hospital.
Tuesday, 10/4/11The Pat Lawrence Show - History of Pogroms Against the Jews 10/4/11 - Pat Lawrence interviews artist Diane Covert. who discusses her latest art exhibit that documents the pogroms against the Jews.
Tuesday, 9/27/11The Pat Lawrence Show - The Dangers of Cigarette Smoking 9/27/11 - Pat Lawrence and Amy Janes, PhD, Instructor in Psychiatry at the McLean Imaging Center, discuss was cigarette smoking is addicting, the harmful effects it can have on one's body, and how to prevent smoking in adolescents.
Tuesday, 9/20/11The Pat Lawrence Show - Marijuana Myths 9/20/11 - Pat Lawrence and Kevin Hill, M.D., M.H.S., discuss various topics on marijuana, including addiction, affects on youth and medical use.
Tuesday, 9/13/11The Pat Lawrence Show - Mental Health Advocates 9/13/11 - Pat Lawrence interviews Steven Bryne, a member of Waverley Place, on mental health advocacy and how to eliminate stigma in mental illness.
Tuesday, 8/2/11The Pat Lawrence Show - Creativity After Brain Injury 8/2/11 - Pat Lawrence interviews Peter Donnelly, a ceramic artist who overcame obstacles after a stroke and brain tumor.