Beech Street Center Presents

Most Recent Episode Inside the Radio Newsroom with Art Cohen: 10/30/18

Art Cohen, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and journalist, visits the Beech Street Center and talks about his broadcasting experience.


Inside the Radio Newsroom with Art Cohen: 10/30/18

Art Cohen, Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and journalist, visits the Beech Street Center and talks about his broadcasting experience.

Al Natale Final Concert: 09/13/18

Al Natale and his Classic Swing Orchestra present a finale concert at the Beech Street Center on September 13, 2018.

AARP Home Fit: 07/24/18

A presentation by Ellie Meyer on AARP Home Fit, a program designed to help individuals with needs live safely in their homes.

Medical Cannibus: 05/28/17

A presentation at the Beech Street Center on Medical Cannibus by Dr. Uma Dhanabalan, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.F.P.

Al Natale Finale Concert Promo: 09/13/18

A promo on Al Natale's Finale Concert to be held at the Beech Street Center on September 13, 2018.

Beech Street Center Spring Fashion Show: May 9, 2018

Belmont Beech Street Center's fashion show, featuring models spanning three generations and international themed performances.

Become a More Conscientious Recycler: 05/29/18

A discussion on the new curbside collection system for Belmont trash and recycling, and then a discussion on our recycling industry, policy and how to best manage recyclables at home.

BHS Chamber Orchestra Spring Concert: 05/01/18

A concert by the Belmont High School Chamber Orchestra, conducted by BHS Orchestra Director Margot Reavey. This performance is comprised by a variety of pieces, including Haydn Concertino in D Major, Leonard Bernstein's Mambo, Eric Whitacre's October, plus the Overture to the PBS Series Downton Abbey, Richard Meyer's Swamp Thang!, and Darol Anger's Creaking Tree!

Redefining Aging Together: 04/17/18

Are our perceptions of aging outdated? Local writer Jane Sherwin will speak about changing attitudes toward aging in our culture. Join in the discussion about how older adults see themselves, how language affects the experience of aging, and what changes are called for. Jane will share information from her research, which has appeared in articles for Leading Age magazine.

It's a Grand Night for Singing: 04/10/18

A concert performed by the Apollo Club at the Beech Street Center. The concert features a "My Fair Lady" Medley, Songs by Stephen Foster, Around the World Favorites, American Spirituals and Love Songs.

What a Plastic Bag Ban Would Mean for You: 03/30/18

A discussion on a proposed plastic bag ban in Belmont led by Mark Carthy, an organizer of the Belmont plastic bag ban group.

A St. Patrick's Day Concert: 03/13/18

Ellery Klein performs Irish fiddle steeped in tradition and spiced with innovative melodies and American sounds. Joining her will be two of Boston’s best traditional musician, guitarist Danny Noveck and flute player Shannon Heaton. This is part of the Powers Music School Neighborhood Concert Series, with funding by East Boston Savings Bank Charitable Foundation.

Love Songs from the 20th Century: 02/13/18

A concert presented by the Powers Music School’s Neighborhood Concert Series. Powers faculty member Alix Pollack (piano) and guest performer Anne-Louise Klaus (soprano) present folk song settings by classical composers, arias, and songs from the musical theater.

And Justice for Some: 11/07/17

Belmont resident, author, and law professor Wendy Murphy discusses her book “And Justice For Some,” which describes the way America’s legal system is designed to limit and even deny access to justice for abused women and children. Murphy also addresses many high profile trials, and reveals little known facts about why certain cases ended without justice for the victims. From Jon Benet Ramsey and OJ Simpson, to Michael Jackson, Casey Anthony, and Bill Cosby, Murphy’s decades of experience as a prosecutor provides her unique insights into some of the nation’s most riveting cases. This event was presented at the Beech Street Center.

Slips, Trips, and Falls: December 15, 2017

Falls present a real and growing risk to older adults’ health and independence. 1 in 4 Americans 65+ fall every year. Presenter Larry McCabe will debunk some of the myths about older adults and falls. Learn the common causes of falls and what you can do to try and prevent them from happening to you. McCabe is an EMT and CPR instructor.

BHS Jazz Collective Concert: 11/14/17

Belmont High School music teacher Paul Ketchen brings a group of talented high school students to the Beech Street Center. Performing a wide variety of jazz music from traditional big band standards to contemporary jazz, the BHS Jazz Collective is considered to be one of the top jazz ensembles in the region. The Jazz Collective also participates in the Essentially Ellington Competition, the MAJE Big Band Festivals and the Berklee High School Jazz Festival.

Holiday Fraud Prevention: 11/3/17

Robin Putnam, Research and Special Projects Manager from the Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation along with Amy Schram, Senior Community Relations Specialist from the Better Business Bureau visited the Beech Street Center to discuss topics such as: Black Friday shopping tips, return policies, defective merchandise, warranties, lost or stolen packages, gift certificates, credit card skimming devices, and identity theft and fraud prevention.

The Roaring Dukes of Swing Concert: 10/17/17

Powers Music School’s faculty musicians and guest artists performed popular jazz tunes in a concert at the Beech Street Center. This concert features Todd Brunel (clarinet), Michael Shea (piano), and guests Akili Jamal Haynes bass) and Alvin Terry (drums). This concert is part of the Powers Music School Neighborhood Concert Series, sponsored by the National Guild for Community Arts and Education.

Belmont High School Madrigal Singers Caroling: 12/8/17

Belmont High School Madrigal Singers perform at the Beech Street Center.

Managing Costs for Successful Aging in Place: 9/26/17

Len Raymond from Housing Options for Massachusetts Elders (HOME) talks about issues and concerns for appropriately extending tenure in your home ranging from senior home improvement loans to elder equity conversion. He unravels myths and discusses current financial traps and trends.

Aspects of Russian History - Past and Present: 9/12/17

Margaret Setchkarev, a Professor Emerita of language and literature at Brandeis University and Boston College, discusses highlights from a lifetime of reading on Russian history. Topics will include developments from the 8th century to Putin, and may provide some insight into Russian culture today.

A Conversation About Climate Change: 8/25/17

Belmont's Energy Committee presents a discussion on climate change and Belmont's efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Recorded at the Beech Street Center.

Al Natale and his Classic Swing Orchestra: 09/14/17

Al Natale and his Classic Swing Orchestra perform in a concert at the Beech Street Center on September 14, 2017.

Abraham Lincoln: The Man and the Legacy: 07/11/17

Civil War Historian Al Smith gives a presentation on Abraham Lincoln, showing the many ways Abraham has been categorized by his contemporaries and historians overtime.

Critical Issues Facing China Today: 2017

Charlotte Ikels, Professor of Anthropology, discusses the critical issues facing china today in a presentation at the Beech Street Center.

Beech St Center Presents: Songs of Summer: 2017

Bill Reidy brings popular songs from a wide range of different musical styles, including Swing, Standards, Oldies, Pop and Country. His Beech Street Center debut will feature favorite summer songs by the Beach Boys, Jimmy Buffett, Harry Belafonte and others. Bill brings along his guitar and takes song requests.

Stay In Charge of Your Life as You Grow Older: 02/02/17
Protect Your Security on the Internet: 11/04/16
Beech Street Center, Financial Shenanigans, Christopher Grande: 09/23/16

A presentation at the Beech Street Center on investing by Christopher Grande of Walnut Hill Advisors, LLC.

Beech Street Center, New Subsidized Health Care Options: 09/09/16

Belmont Beech Street Center presents a talk on new subsidized health care options by Roberta Robinson of of Cambridge Health Alliance. Presented on Sept. 9, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Songbirds of the Northeast, John Root: 03/08/16

John Root gives a presentation at the Beech Street Center on "Songbirds of the Northeast" on March 8, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Contractor Fraud: 03/25/16

Officer Franz Strassmann from Belmont PD gives a presentation on home improvement contractors and how to avoid fraud at the Beech Street Center on March 25, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Fraud and Identity Theft: 04/08/16

Lt. Kristin Daley from Belmont PD gives a presentation at the Beech Street Center on how to protect yourself from fraud and identity theft. April 8, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Where the Amazon Begins: 01/05/16

Earthwatch volunteer Mark Hopkins gives a presentation on the forests of Peru's Amazonia. He explains how his group assisted biologists assess the health of the forest and rivers. Beech St. Ctr, Jan. 5, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Long Term Care Insurance 101: 01/08/16

Hans Hug, Jr. talks about how a modern long term care insurance policy really works, including how benefits are paid, how health affects eligibility and how to design a plan. Presented at Beech Street Ctr, Jan. 8, 2016.

Beech Street Center, Downsizing and Decluttering: 11/06/15

Helen Stefan, principal organizer at The Welcome Home, provides tips on how to declutter homes in preparation for downsizing. This talk was presented at the Beech Street Center on 11/6/15.

Beech Street Center, Protect Your Assets from High Cost of Long Term Care: 10/16/15

Attorney Kathy McNair from Senior Solutions LLC discusses ways to protect assets from long term care costs. Beech Street Center, Oct. 16, 2015.