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Tuesday, 10/21/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-21 TuesdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-21 Tuesday [" Headlines for October 21, 2014 ", " After Ignoring ISIS Assault on Kobani, U.S. Launches Major Strikes & Arms Turkey's Kurdish Foes ", " Former U.N. Special Rapporteur Richard Falk on the Legitimacy of Hope in the Palestinian Struggle ", " Mumia Abu-Jamal Speaks Out from Jail on New Pennsylvania Law Silencing Prisoners "] Download this show
Monday, 10/20/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-20 MondayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-20 Monday [" Headlines for October 20, 2014 ", " \"Women Are Being Driven Offline\": Feminist Anita Sarkeesian Terrorized for Critique of Video Games ", " Media Enabled Musketeers: Russian & American Filmmakers with Disabilities Document Shared Struggles "] Download this show
Friday, 10/17/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-17 FridayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-17 Friday [" Headlines for October 17, 2014 ", " In Historic Police Brutality Case, Family of Homeless Denver Pastor Killed in Custody Awarded $4.6M ", " In Tight Midterms Facing Low Turnout, Colorado's Senate Race Could Decide Who Controls Congress "] Download this show
Thursday, 10/16/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-16 ThursdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-16 Thursday [" Headlines for October 16, 2014 ", " A U.S. Nurse Witnesses Ebola's Ravages in Sierra Leone, Where Horrific Conditions Claim Lives Daily ", " An Unprofitable Disease: In the Political Economy of Ebola, Who Lives and Who Dies? ", " A Little Shout of Joy: Supreme Court Lets Abortion Clinics Reopen, Easing Crisis of Access in Texas ", " Abortion as a Social Good: Author Katha Pollitt Pens New Vision for Pro-Choice Movement "] Download this show
Wednesday, 10/15/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-15 WednesdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-15 Wednesday [" Headlines for October 15, 2014 ", " As Second Dallas Nurse Diagnosed with Ebola, Are U.S. Hospitals Failing Healthcare Workers? ", " Infected Workers, Slow Deployment, No Vaccines: Ebola Response Shows Pitfalls of Privatized Health ", " Mexico's Missing Students: Were 43 Attacked by Cartel-Linked Police Targeted for Their Activism? "] Download this show
Tuesday, 10/14/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-14 TuesdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-14 Tuesday [" Headlines for October 14, 2014 ", " James Risen Prepared to \"Pay Any Price\" to Report on War on Terror Amid Crackdown on Whistleblowers ", " James Risen on NSA Whistleblower Edward Snowden: He Sparked a New National Debate on Surveillance "] Download this show
Monday, 10/13/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-13 MondayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-13 Monday [" Headlines for October 13, 2014 ", " Ferguson October: Thousands March in St. Louis for Police Reform & Arrest of Officer Darren Wilson ", " Seattle Marks Indigenous Peoples' Day Amid Calls to End Federal Holiday Celebrating Columbus ", " Socialist City Councilmember on Nobel Prize Winner Malala Yousafzai: \"Socialism is the Only Answer\" ", " Campaigners Call for \"One Fair Wage\" to Help End Sexual Harassment for Tipped Restaurant Workers "] Download this show
Friday, 10/10/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-10 FridayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-10 Friday [" Headlines for October 10, 2014 ", " Pakistani Education Activist Malala Yousafzai Becomes Youngest Winner of Nobel Peace Prize ", " Ferguson October: Activists Call for Nationwide Convergence to Demand Justice for Michael Brown ", " Detroit Faces \"Humanitarian Crisis\" as City Shuts Off Water Access for Thousands of Residents ", " \"I Am Coming to the End of a Long Journey\": Legendary Detroit Activist Grace Lee Boggs in Hospice "] Download this show
Thursday, 10/9/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-09 ThursdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-09 Thursday [" Headlines for October 09, 2014 ", " U.S. Faces \"Massive Military Failure\" as ISIS Advances on Syrian Border Town of Kobani ", " Iraqi Journalist Who Embedded with Shia Militias on Fighting ISIS & Why US Strategy is Bound to Fail ", " \"Kill the Messenger\" Resurrects Gary Webb, Journalist Maligned for Exposing CIA Ties to Crack Trade "] Download this show
Wednesday, 10/8/14Democracy Now! 2014-10-08 WednesdayDemocracy Now! 2014-10-08 Wednesday [" Headlines for October 08, 2014 ", " Bad Policy, Bad Medicine: Anti-Choice Law Leaves Vast Swaths of Texas with No Abortion Provider ", " Migrant Women, Children Allege Harsh Conditions, Sexual Assault at For-Profit Texas Immigration Jail ", " San Antonio's Esperanza Peace and Justice Center Campaigns Against Fracking and Militarization "] Download this show