Join or Sponsor Belmont Media Center here.  Category descriptions are below.

Individual / Family

Non-Profit Organization $50
Non-resident Member $200
Community Sponsorship(*) (**) $250
Business Sponsorship (**) $500

NOTE: Anyone for whom the membership fees are a financial barrier may request to have the fees waived in exchange for volunteering. Contact Us for more information.

Membership Categories:

  • Individual / Family: Membership for one person or one household.
  • Non-Profit Organization: are informal groups, corporations, organizations, institutions, or other clubs recognized as non-profit, tax-exempt by the IRS. Groups joining BMC under non-profit membership shall have all the privileges of Individual Membership, except that only one vote may be exercised per Non-profit Membership.
  • Non-resident: Membership for one person who is not a resident of Belmont nor assoicated with a local group or business