Pet Photography

Looking to capture the perfect pic of your pooch? Blue Amrich of "Beyond the Fence Adventure Dog Photography" will talk all about how she gets great shots of man's best friend - and share how you can too! If you've ever tried to snap a shot of your furry friend, you know getting them to sit still and look into the lens long enough to hit the shutter can be challenging. Blue will share her philosophy and share some tips for your next four-legged photoshoot. 

About the Photographer - Blue Amrich
"I started landscape photography because I wanted a way to share the amazing world that was around me, to show people that perfect moment when the woods glow as light filters through the leaves, when the quiet pond reflects that brilliant blue sky, and when the sunset paints the world with the most vibrant colors. Of course, whenever I go out to chase sunsets or discover new places, my dog bounts to the door ready to go.
Even the best photograph can't capture the feeling of the sun on your face, or that smell of the forest after the rain. I want to share the whole experience of sun and woods and wind with everyone and with their dogs who are always ready to explore. I created Beyond the Fence for you and your own adventure dog to come out and explore the incredible world waiting just beyond the fence. Of course, I'll be there with you to capture a piece of that beauty for you to bring home, a little bit of nature and a lot of doggie joy to make you smile every day."

6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Thursday, 9/14/17
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