Belmont Journal: Aug. 23rd show

Get your local news update in 30 minutes on the latest Belmont Journal, hosted by Roger Colton. Here's a glimpse of this show' topics:

  • Learn about the four new modular classrooms at Burbank Elementary school
  • Belmont Manor proposes an assisted living facility for South Pleasant Street showing what can be done if the district is re-zoned
  • National Grid lockout causes delay in Belmont road repair projects
  • Eligible seniors can get up to $1,500 off their property taxes thanks to an increase approved by the selectmen for the senior work off program
  • The Belmont High School championship rugby team is honored by the Boston Red Sox
  • The Belmont Public Library receives a very generous donation from a former resident
  • Meet Belmont's chairman talks about the townwide information fair
  • Smart water meters will be coming to all Belmont homes later this fall or early in the new year
  • Jane Peters gives you an update on events happening around Belmont on the Community Calendar

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