Belmont Journal: Aug. 31st Show

This week, Michael Crowley hosts. Here's a glimpse of this week's local news topics:

  • The MSBA approves the project funding and scope for the grade 7-12 high shcool building project
  • "Yes for Belmont" kicks off campaign in support of debt exclusion for the new grade 7-12 high school building project.
  • Selectmen are looking for applications for the new Community Path Project Committee which will responsible for the design of the path
  • Belmont Police chief gets a raise and plans to retire the end of 2019
  • Woman struck in cross walk at intersection of Lexington and Sycamore Street
  • Traffic Working Group appointed for high school project will also be making recommendations for townwide traffic issues
  • Belmont resident fosters and trains a puppy to become a service dog for Canine Companions
  • Belmont Porchfest chairman talks to two porch hosts for the upcoming event on Sept. 8
  • Jane Peters gives you an update on events happening around Belmont on the Community Calendar
  • And much more

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