Belmont Police Log, May 26-June 1: Moped driver injured in accident, not wearing helmet

The following are excerpts from the Belmont Police log as made available by the Belmont Police Department. The log is public and available for review. All persons are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Friday, May 26, 2023

8:28 a.m.: A Harvard Road resident reported suspicious activity. He woke up with a notification from his outdoor camera that at 3 a.m. a white male walked into his yard and down his neighbor’s driveway from Clarendon road. He keeps his vehicles locked. Nothing in the area has been reported stolen. The male is wearing a hoody, dark jeans and carried a small black bag. Police will do extra checks in the area.

8:58 a.m.: Three-car collision in area of Belmont Street and Oxford Avenue between a 2019 Toyota operated by a Watertown man, a 2019 Honda operated by a Cambridge woman and a 2015 Toyota operated by a Watertown woman. The operator of the 2015 Toyota said she stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. The pedestrian said she began crossing the road when she witnessed the 2019 Toyota strike the Honda which then struck the 2015 Toyota. There were no injuries. The operator of the 2019 Toyota was issued a citation for unsafe operation of a motor vehicle.

9:51 a.m.: Criminal complaint against a Leominster woman for operating a motor vehicle with a suspended registration and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.

11:22 a.m.: A Trapelo Road resident reported a disturbance. At 10 a.m. that morning she was backing her car out of her driveway. She observed a man pushing a baby stroller and waited for him to pass before she pulled out. After she pulled out she heard a bang. She got out of the car to see what happened and realized the man banged on the back of her car and was taking photos of her car and house and threatened to call the police saying she should be more careful when backing out. She made sure the children were ok but the man was very aggressive toward her. She wanted to make sure the incident was documented.

1:26 p.m.: A Winter Street resident reported identity theft. He received mail on April 27 and May 22 from Bank of America stating they were going to close his accounts. He called them and they confirmed someone opened two accounts using his personal information, social security number to open the accounts. He contacted the credit bureau and is in the process of getting new cards and changing passwords.

2:54 p.m.: A Long Avenue resident reported fraud. She received a phone call from a man who said her son-in-law was in an accident and hurt a woman. The caller asked her to get a $10,000 credit union check for his bail. She went to get the check but could only take out $5,000. She told the caller and he said it was fine and would call back for a meeting point. She got a call from her son and told him what was going on. He said he spoke to the son-in-law and he was fine. She realized it was a scam and never spoke to the caller again. The number was 518-289-0438. Officers attempted to call the number but were unable to reach anyone.

Saturday, May 27

11:06 a.m.: An Alma Avenue resident reported damage to their 2021 Honda. He was travelling Southbound on Payson Road toward Belmont Street. A Bus was travelling the opposite way. He observed a male child throw a rock causing a quarter size crack on his front windshield. He said the bus was transporting young children, ages 4-5. He was advised to contact his insurance company and officers would get the word out to the bus drivers to keep a better eye on the children.

11:56 a.m.: A Jeanette Avenue resident reported fraud. He received a message on Instagram from someone impersonating his friend asking him to give access to his account. He asked why and they said they wanted access to an old account. He gave them access and later received a text message from an unknown email address saying his account was hacked and requested $30 to reactivate it back to his name. He refused to give the money and deleted the account. Officers advised him to contact Instagram and put a block on the email address.

1:51 p.m.: Collision in area of 330 Pleasant St. between a 2020 Hyundai operated by an Arlington woman and a moped operated by a Pepperell man. The operator of the moped was on the ground in the street with injuries. The operator of the moped was not wearing a helmet. He could not remember what happened and seemed to be in a haze. He was transported to Mass General Hospital. The operator of the Hyundai was in traffic on Pleasant Street when she heard a thump and did not know what it was. She exited her vehicle and saw the man laying in the street next to his moped. The young moped driver had friends on another moped riding with him. They said their friend drove into the vehicle. None of the mopeds were registered and none of the operators or passengers were wearing helmets. The two mopeds received citations for unregistered mopeds and failure to wear a helmet.

Sunday, May 28

2:48 p.m.: A Belmont High School student reported lost property. She said she always keeps her Airpods in the side pocket of her backpack. Her backpack was left unattended during lunch on May 25. She did not realize the Airpods were missing until 3:15 p.m. that day. She retraced her day, searched lost and found but had no luck locating them. She tracked them and could see they were somewhere in the Chelsea/Revere area. She shared a post on Instagram to see if anyone saw them. This is how she learned there were other victims of lost property at Belmotn High School since May 25th. The Airpods are valued at $200.

Monday, May 29

9:20 a.m.: A Middlecot Street resident reported damage to a 2019 Toyota. Her boyfriend’s vehicle was parked in her driveway all day. When he went out this morning at 6:15 a.m. he noticed the driver’s side window was completely smashed. The only thing they know was missing were several scratch tickets that weren’t scratched yet. She did not hear anything overnight.

10:40 a.m.: A Common Street resident reported someone banging on their door. The person lived in the same apartment building. Officers located the woman banging on the door. She said a short time ago she saw a woman in the lobby with her two dogs who were barking at people. She has seen them off leash in the lobby area. After the woman went upstairs, her husband said there was an incident with the dogs and her son. She decided to talk to the woman about controlling her dogs. The resident said her dog did not jump on anyone and she believes other residents are antagonizing the dogs, causing them to bark. She always keeps them on a leash. Both parties were told to keep their distance. They both said they are moving out next month.

Tuesday, May 30

12:13 p.m.: A Falmouth Street resident reported fraud. His son gave him a new mobile phone. He attempted to activate McAfee security. He was contact by two men, Steven and Victor. They said they worked for a financial company, My Desk, in California, and tried to encourage him to invest money in a money market account. He declined but felt they were trying to manipulate him. The phone numbers were 805-613-0345 and 805-510-7583. Officers attempted to call the numbers. They were not in service, but when Googled they came back as possible scams. He went to his bank to make sure nothing was compromised. They froze his accounts and advised him to have his mobile devices and computers screened for spyware. He was also advised to keep an eye on his credit score and notify other financial institutions.

10:14 p.m.: Officers received notification from Lowell General Hospital they were treating the victim of a dog bite that occurred in Belmont. The dog bite happened at Crate Escape. The dog was a Belgian Malinois. Officers attempted to contact both the dog owner and the person who was injured but could not reach them. Officers notified the animal control officer who will be investigating the incident.

Wednesday, May 31

6:34 p.m.: A Cambridge resident reported larceny. In January 2018 she purchased five Coach handbags and put them at her mother’s residence on Thomas Street for safekeeping. Several months later that same year she returned to collect the handbags but could not locate them. She and her mother searched the entire property and never found them. Earlier this year, she bought two linen shorts from Saks Fifth Avenue and stored them at her mother’s house. When she went to retrieve them, they were missing. She and her mother could not locate them. They are the only ones with access to the property. Her mother recently changed the locks and said no one else had access to the property. In 2021, someone deliberately damaged her mother’s rear view camera on her motor vehicle but it was not reported. Officers advised her to contact them if there is any other suspicious activity. The handbags were valued at $700.

Thursday, June 1

8:26 a.m.: A Livermore resident reported unemployment identity fraud. She received an email from the Massachusetts Department of Unemployment that a claim was filed in her name. Her employer said someone applied in her name for unemployment benefits. The human resources department is working with the fraud department of the Department of Unemployment. She was advised to keep an eye on her bank accounts and monitor her credit score.

12:19 p.m. : Collision between a 2020 Toyota operated by a Lexington man and 2013 Lexus operated by a Georgia woman at the intersection of Belmont and Springfield Streets. The operator of the Toyota was making a left turn when a vehicle crashed into the right front side of his vehicle. It stopped to let him go but then crashed into him. There was airbag deployment in the Toyota. The operator of the Lexus sustained heavy front end damage and a flat tire. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. The operator of the Toyota had a minor wrist injury and refused medical treatment. The operator of the Lexus was transported to Mount Auburn Hospital for pain on the upper right part of her body. The operator of the Toyota was issued a citation for failure to yield.

7:14 p.m.: A Payson Road resident reported a scam. She works at Moozy’s and at 5:30 p.m. she got a phone call on the landline phone at work from someone saying he worked for the state police and needed her help with an investigation. He said he needed her to take all the money from the cash register to Star Market and exchange it for a money pack and give the codes to him. He told her if she told anyone he would arrest her. She was very nervous but took $360 from the register and went to get the cards at Star Market. She was told to call from her cell phone which she did. She called 251-240-9439. The phone number is from Alabama. He told her when she sends the codes for the cards he would send her a Venmo to replace the money in the register without anyone noticing. After she gave him the code he sent her a Venmo link. It made her put in her password and no money was sent. Another employee told her parents what she was doing. They met her at Star Market where she was on the phone with the scammer. She was able to log into her Venmo and saw someone named Ukeia McCary transferred $25 from her account. She was advised to remove all her accounts connected with Venmo and change her password. She also gave the scammer her name, address and last four digits of her social security number. She was advised to run a credit check and informed officers she would keep checking for anything fraudulent.

Between May 26 and June 1, Belmont Police responded to three mental health calls and seven domestics including one criminal complaint for assault and battery on a family member and one criminal complaint for violation of a restraining order.


A Belmont man was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon on May 26 at 9:46 a.m.