Belmont Police Log, Oct. 1-Oct. 6: Three overnight car break-ins, scooter struck by school bus, expensive decorations stolen and more

The following are excerpts from the Belmont Police log as made available by the Belmont Police Department. The log is public and available for review. All persons are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. 

Monday, Oct. 2

9:56 a.m.: Three-car collision with injuries in area of 790 Pleasant St. between a 2019 Subaru operated by a Lexington woman, a 2005 Toyota operated by a Waltham man and a 2015 Toyota operated by a Lowell man. Belmont Fire and Rescue also responded to treat the operators and one passenger. The operator of the Subaru said she was making a left into Cityside Subaru and was rear-ended without warning. There was minor damage to her rear bumper. The operator of the 2005 Toyota was rear-ended without warning while he was stopped. There was damage to both his front and rear bumpers. He was suffering from neck and back pain and was transported to Mount Auburn Hospital. His passenger was also transported to Mount Auburn Hospital. The operator of the 2015 Toyota did not have time to stop causing him to strike vehicle in front of him. There was airbag deployment and front-end damage. He had a bloody lip but declined further medical evaluation. He was issued a citation for failure to slow. His vehicle was towed from the scene.

11:18 a.m.: A Concord Avenue resident reported attempted fraud. He just received a scam call from a caller identifying himself as Mark Stevens. He said his grandson was arrested in New York after a motor vehicle accident involving a pregnant woman. Stevens claimed to be his grandson’s appointed attorney and gave him a case number. He said the judge would not release his grandson unless he paid $8,500 cash in bail money. He knew this was a scam because he spoke to his grandson last week who is living overseas. He jokingly agreed to pay the money and was instructed to leave the cash in an envelope and put it in his mailbox. He called the police in case anyone came by.

1 p.m.: A Burnham Street resident reported theft. There were various Halloween and Christmas decorations stolen from her front porch. They are mostly miniature houses still in their original boxes. They are very expensive, some valued at $200. She was planning to donate the decorations to charity. They were on her porch awaiting the charity to pick them up. She estimates the value to be $2,500.

Tuesday, Oct. 3

9 a.m.: A Gorham Road resident reported a 2021 Jeep was broken into at approximately 2:45 a.m. The door was unlocked. Loose change was taken. He has video of the suspect walking to his vehicle and opening the door. Officers asked him to email the video.

10:49 a.m.: A Broad Street resident reported fraud and possible identity theft. On Aug. 16th, he believes his cell phone was hacked and the sim card was compromised. He contacted Consumer Cellular, his cell phone company to alert them of what happened and they resolved the issue. However, during the summer, he is mostly on Cape Cod. While he is away, the Belmont Post Office holds his mail. On Sept. 8th, he noticed a letter from Wells Fargo dated Aug. 25th. He was notified his account with Wells Fargo was about to be put on hold and it had $31,000 in cash. He immediately contacted Wells Fargo to let them know he had not account with them. They said an account was recently opened with his name and social security number. He froze all his accounts and contacted all three credit bureaus. He is also informed the Social Security Administration and Massachusetts Fraud Identity Website of the incidents. He will inform officers if more fraud occurs.

11:38 p.m.: A Gilbert Road resident reported a break-in to her 2014 Honda. Video shows at 2:46 a.m. a dark male figure with his back to the camera emerging from her driveway. He crosses in front of her house and walks toward Trapelo Road. He was wearing a mask. The vehicle was unlocked. A Raymond Weil watch valued at $1,200 and cigarettes were taken.

Wednesday, Oct. 4

7:32 a.m.: Collision in area of Concord Avenue and Myrtle Street between a 2020 school bus operated by Marlboro man and a 2023 Honda scooter operated by a 52-year-old Arlington woman. The operator of the school bus and the middle school children on board were not hurt. He was attempting to turn right onto Myrtle Street from Concord Avenue. The children on the bus alerted him he struck the woman on the scooter. The woman was visibly in pain with an injury to her left leg and foot. She was transported to Mass General Hospital. She later told police she had a broken bone in her left leg and broken bones in her foot. She was in the Eastbound bike lane on Concord Avenue approaching the Myrtle Street intersection. She said the school bus abruptly turned into her lane and could not remember if she stopped and the bus dragged her scooter or if they collided because she was trying to avoid hitting it. The operator of the school bus was issued a citation for failure to yield write of way.

Thursday, Oct. 5

8:10 a.m.: A Barnard Road resident reported 2020 Hyundai broken into overnight. She said the vehicle was locked. Two wallets and a bag of quarters was missing. One wallet contained $1,000 cash, several credit cards, her driver’s license, social security card. The second wallet contained miscellaneous gift cards valued at $250. She was able to cancel her credit cards and will obtain a new driver’s license and contact the Social Security Administration.

11:50 a.m.: A Belmont Street resident reported 2011 Toyota broken into overnight. It was parked in his driveway unlocked. The contents were rummaged through. He did not notice anything missing. He was advised to lock his vehicle and report any items he notices are missing.

2:13 p.m.: An Oakley Road resident reported a theft. Her pharmacy informed her that her prescription was delivered on Oct. 4th at 8:45 p.m. However, she did not received it. The Ring doorbells do not show a delivery made within that timeframe. She sent the video footage to Belmont Pharmacy so they could see nothing was delivered at that time

4:42 p.m.: A Raleigh Road reported theft of a scooter. It was a black Segway Ninebot E.S. 2 was taken from the front entrance of Belmont High School. He locked it to the bicycle rack along with his friend’s bicycle this morning. He used his friend’s lock to secure them together. His friend left at 2:20 p.m., taking the lock and leaving the scooter unsecured. When he went outside at 3 p.m., the scooter was missing. The value of the scooter is $350.

7:20 p.m.: A Billerica man reported fraudulent activity. On Aug. 25th, he had five different fraudulent transactions taken out of his Bank of America account. He contacted Bank of America to dispute the charges. He was given temporary credit for the charges but they were ultimately taken back. He was instructed to file a police report. He said the five charges took place between 7 a.m. 8 p.m., four took place at Bank of America on Common Street for a total of $2,000 and one at the Bank of America on Trapelo Road. The one on Trapelo Road was for $480.

Friday, Oct. 6

11:06 a.m.: A Belmont Street reported suspicious activity. She resides in an apartment and believes people are using the building laundry room. Each unit is assigned their own washer and driver. When she went to use hers she could tell someone recently used it because the washing machine was wet and the dryer was warm. The same thing happened on Sept. 27t at 7 p.m. She informed the building owner who said he would increase security in the building.


Between Oct. 2 and Oct. 5, Belmont Police responded to two domestic and three mental health calls.