Belmont Police Log, Oct. 30 to Nov. 5: Bicycle stolen, check fraud, identity theft, package stolen, jaws of life used to free passenger and more

The following are excerpts from the Belmont Police log as made available by the Belmont Police Department. The log is public and available for review. All persons are presumed innocent until found guilty in a court of law. 

Monday, Oct. 30

12:09 a.m.: A Belmont resident reported fraud. She wrote a check for the company she works for, however, it was discovered that the amount the check was made out to was forged and deposited. The check was for $255 and mailed through the United States Postal Service. However, after speaking to the intended recipients, she learned they did not receive the check. They contacted their bank and discovered that on Oct. 12th, the check was deposited into an account for $22,550 and the payee was changed. Belmont Police is investigating.

Tuesday, Oct. 31

1:22 p.m.: Leader Bank employee reported fraud. At around 1:40 p.m., a man presented a check to be cashed I the amount of $3,500. He had a Connecticut driver’s license with a name that appeared to match the name on the check. The teller completed the transaction and then reported a suspicion to fellow bank employees. One of the employees was familiar with the account holder and after reviewing security footage realized the man who claimed to be the account holder was not the same person. The Connecticut driver’s license was run and was not on file, confirming it was fraudulent. When officers searched the address on the license, it came up as a property for sale. The check was from Chase Bank and he received confirmation from Chase stating they were unable to locate the account and the check and Chase Bank account are fraudulent. They spoke to the real owner of the account, informed him of the situation and reimbursed him the stolen funds. After further investigation, it was discovered the same individual did the same thing at Leader Bank in Cambridge one hour later with the same person’s account.

Wednesday, Nov. 1

1:06 p.m.: Collision in area of 600 Pleasant St. between a 2021 Subaru operated by a Wakefield man and a 2017 Chrysler operated by a Marlboro woman. The operator of the Chrysler was unresponsive. Belmont Fire and Rescue responded. The passenger of the Chrysler said he did not know what happened because he was asleep when the crash took place. The operator of the Chrysler was dazed and confused and could not remember what happened. The operator of the Subaru said he was driving down Pleasant Street when the Chrysler came into his lane and struck him. A resident on Pleasant Street said his Ring camera had a clear view of the crash. Officers viewed the video, which shows the Chrysler drifted into the opposite lane crashing into the Subaru. Belmont Fire and Rescue had to free both the passenger and operator of the Chrysler using the Jaws of Life. They were both transported by Belmont Fire and Rescue. The operator of the Subaru declined further medical treatment. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. Officers issued an immediate threat for the operator of the Chrysler.

9:37 p.m.: A Trapelo Road resident reported larceny of a package. His son ordered two packages that were delivered today. UPS took photos of the packages. They were placed inside the lobby of the building. When he returned at 2:30 p.m., he found one package at his apartment door and the other was missing. The missing package contained various articles of children’s clothing worth $42.

Thursday, Nov. 2

9:18 a.m.: Officers issued a criminal complaint against a Belmont man for trespassing.

7:06 p.m.: A Belmont Street resident reported fraud. Today at 11 a.m., she realized her Facebook page was taken down for violating community standards. She emailed Facebook for clarification of the reason it was taken down and has not heard back from them. She downloaded an app called Ultra Viewer for remote customer support to get her page back on Facebook. She gave customer support access to her laptop but they were unable to get her Facebook page back. Later that day, the laptop started making strange noises and a phone number popped up, 844-457-1420, to call Microsoft Support. She called and spoke to an individual who said her laptop and phone were hacked. She was unsure if the number she called was actually Microsoft. She was given a number for Bank of America to contact them about activity on her account. She called the number but was unsure if it was actually Bank of America. She spoke to a woman named Rona Lawson, who said she should transfer her finances to Crypto currency. They set up an appointment via phone for the following day. She said there was no fraudulent activity on her Bank of America account, but she would go to the branch in person to confirm. She will not speak to Rona again and will take her laptop to be looked at in person by an expert.

Friday, Nov. 3

10:09 a.m.: A Belmont High student believes his bicycle was stolen. It was parked on the bike rack between 2:30 and 5 p.m. He is unsure if it was locked but he usually does lock it. It was a gray, black Specialized bike valued at $600.

Saturday, Nov. 4

9 p.m.: Criminal complaint against two Belmont residents for keeping a noisy and disorderly house.

Sunday, Nov. 5

12:14 p.m.: A Belmont youth reported his X Box stolen. He loaned it to another Belmont youth. However, the other night, his friend had several people over to his house, some that were not invited. When everyone left, his friend discovered the X Box was gone. He discovered someone logged into the X Box at 3 a.m. He gave Belmont Police the IP address. He was advised by X Box to report the theft to the police.


On Oct. 30 at 2:55 p.m. a Belmont man, 20, was arrested on warrant for larceny from a person, two counts


Between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5, Belmont Police responded to three domestic and six mental health calls.