Mastering the Broadcast Pix Class Starts Next Week


Broadcast Pix PanelControl A Monitor Wall






BMC workshop "Mastering the Broadcast Pix" will start on Wednesday February 13th.  The class will run for 3 weeks on Wednesdays starting at 6:30pm.  


Have you ever wondered how all those graphics on your television screen worked?  Or pondered over how to switch from one camera to another?  Maybe you’d just like to add more flair to your program.  All of this is possible and more by learning how to use the Broadcast Pix System at BMC. 

Learn all aspects of the Broadcast Pix Switcher from show creation to simple switching to graphics and advanced switching and effects in this three-session workshop.  Aspiring Directors, Technical Directors (aka. the Switcher) and anyone who wants to learn more about the controls behind the Broadcast Pix switcher in Studio A should take this course.


This course is a pre-requsite to the "Remote Studio Production" workshop and should be taken by any producer wishing to use the new Remote Studio.


This workshop is free to BMC members.  Click to register or contact Rachel.