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Belmont Buzz 09/08/21

Special edition of Belmont Buzz, a September 11th 20th anniversary tribute. 

Belmont Buzz: Belmont World Film 05/28/21

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont World Film executive director Ellen Gitelman about the nonprofit's latest showcase: World Refugee Month Awareness Observance running from June 1st through July 21st. 

Belmont Buzz: Vyrna Napoli's 90th

Joanna attends the 90th birthday party for the ever-indefatigable Vyrna Napoli, life-long Belmont resident and former local business owner. 

Belmont Buzz: Dr. David Alper 04/29/21

Joanna speaks with Dr. David Alper, long-time podiatrist and former Chair of the Belmont Board of Health. As Alper prepares for retirement from his 30 year practice, learn what the future holds in store for the good doctor. 

Belmont Buzz: Belmont Family Engagement Network 04/09/21

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Amanda Fernandez and Jill Norton of the Belmont Family Engagement Network.

Belmont Buzz: Better Through Books: Healing Community Together 03/19/21

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont Public Library and Belmont Against Racism about One Book One Belmont's "Better Through Books: Healing Community Together" program. 

Belmont Buzz: Vote Yes For Belmont 02/26/21

Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with members of the Vote Yes For Belmont campaign. 

Belmont Buzz: Elizabeth Dionne 01/29/21

Joanna speaks with Belmont Warrant Committee member Elizabeth Dionne about the Retirement Board and other town fiscal issues. 

Belmont Buzz: Citizens For A Fiscally Responsible Belmont 01/22/21

Joanna speaks with members of Citizens for a Fiscally Responsible Belmont about the capital budget override. 

Belmont Buzz: 40B Proposal, 91 Beatrice Circle

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Build Wise Belmont members and abutters of 91 Beatrice Circle. 

Belmont Buzz: Good Riddance 2020

Belmont Citizen Herald journalist Joanna Tzouvelis reflects on the trials and tribulations of 2020 with fellow Belmontonians: Dante Muzzioli, Ed Kazanjian, John Kolis, Tomi Olson, Judith Sarno, Judith Feinlab, Nancy Sarris, and Joshua Myrvaagnes. 

Belmont Buzz: Police Station Tour 11/16/20

Belmont Citizen Herald's Joanna Tzouvelis tours the nearly completed additions and renovations to the Belmont Police Station with principal architect Ted Galante, building committee chairwoman Anne Marie Mahoney, and BPD Chief James MacIsaac. 

Belmont Buzz: Craft Beer Cellar

Journalist Joanna Tzouvelis (Belmont Citizen-Herald, speaks with Suzanne Schalow, co-founder and CEO of Craft Beer Cellar. Craft Beer Cellar just opened their 16,000 sq. foot space in Belmont Center. 00:38:23

Belmont Buzz: Time To Put Kids First In Belmont

Belmont Citizen-Herald and Wicked journalist Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with organizers Christine McLaughlin & Melissa Maniates of the parent activist group Time To Put Kids First In Belmont. The group recently protested the town's decision to go with online learning only for grades 5-12. Christine and Melissa explain why their group demands a hybrid approach.00:38:14

Belmont Buzz: Jamaica Jeff Lasseter

Joanna speaks with owner/operator of Jamaica Jeff's restaurant Jeff Lasseter about his recent altercation with MA Governor Charlie Baker in Belmont. They discuss his sudden celebrity/notoriety and appearances in MA media outlets, his thoughts about Covid 19 and restaurants in Belmont, and what delectables one can expect from his Caribbean-styled eatery. 00:32:58

Belmont Buzz: BSEPAC

Joanna speaks with Belmont Special Education Parent Advisory Council Co-Chairs Naomie Dorilas and Tim Flood about their upcoming Parent Information Session via Zoom on September 10th and how BSEPAC is managing the challenges special education students face in the pandemic. 00:38:07

Belmont Buzz: Tom Gatzunis

Belmont Citizen Herald journalist Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Tom Gatzunis, project manager for Belmont's three big construction projects: Belmont Middle & High School, Police Station, and DPW. Includes tour footage of DPW and police station sites. 

Belmont Buzz: Asst. Chief Mark Hurley

Belmont Citizen Herald and Wicked journalist Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Assistant Chief of the Belmont Police Dept. Mark Hurley about the current climate for public safety officials in general and what challenges the Belmont PD faces in this unprecedented time of protest and pandemic. 

Belmont Buzz: Dr. Kathryn D. Boger 05/22/20

Joanna speaks with clinical child and adolescent psychologist Dr. Kathryn D. Boger of Mclean Hospital (Director of Anxiety Mastery Program) about how parents might help transition their kids from lockdown to the re-opening of society and how quarantine might affect kids in the long-term. Topics include: summer activities, mask wearing, screen-time burn-out, emotion level check-ins, and even the positives that may come from lockdown and social distancing. 

Belmont BUZZ: Get In Shape Belmont

Belmont BUZZ: 05/08/20

Belmont Buzz: Steve and Debi Rosales

Belmont Buzz - Joanna speaks with Steve and Debi Rosales about Belmont Historical Society's "History In The Making" & Belmont Public Library 's online quarantine journal, 2 projects aim to record and collect our records of the Covid19 era

Belmont Buzz: Patrice Garvin and Jon Marshall - 03/06/2020

Joanna speaks with Town Administrator Patrice Garvin and Assistant Town Administrator Jon Marshall.

Belmont Buzz: Adam Dash

Interview with Adam Dash, member of the Belmont Select Board. Adam discusses his accomplishments on the board and his run for re-election.

Belmont Buzz: New Decade Edition

Host Joanna Tzouvelis discusses the past decade and hopes in the new decade with Belmont Select Board member Roy Epstein. Belmont Public Library Director Peter Struzziero, Library Trustee Chair Kathy Keohane, new Belmont Police Chief James MacIsaac, Champions Sporting Goods owner Gerry Dickhaut, Craft Beer Cellar owners Kate & Susan, and others out and about in Belmont.

Belmont Buzz: New Decade Edition Part IV

Joanna talks expectations in the new decade and looks back at the past decade with Gerry Dickhaut of Champions Sporting Goods, Kate and Suzanne from Craft Beer Cellar, and others out and about in Belmont Center.

Belmont Buzz: New Decade Edition Part I - 01/02/2020

Belmont Buzz, The New Decade Edition Part 1 featuring Belmont Select Board member Roy Epstein. Joanna asks Roy about his hopes for the new decade

Belmont Buzz: New Decade Edition Part III

Belmont Buzz, New Decade Edition Part III. Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with new Belmont Police Chief James MacIsaac about the police headquarters renovation, the challenges of modern policing, and what he hopes for in the new decade.

Belmont Buzz: New Decade Edition Part II - 01/02/2020

Belmont Buzz, New Decade Edition Part II: Joanna speaks with Belmont Public Library Director Peter Struzziero and Trustee Chair Kathy Keohane about the library's accomplishments since 2010 and the future of the library in the next decade.

Belmont Buzz: Belmont Womens' Club

Joanna Tzouvelis of the Belmont Citizen Herald and speaks with Co-presidents of the Belmont Woman's Club Wendy Murphy and Maria Papadopoulos about renovations to the historic William Flagg Homer House (headquarters of the club) and about events in anticipation of the centennial of the club in 2020.

Belmont Buzz: Chief Richard McLaughlin - 09/20/19

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with outgoing Belmont Chief of Police Richard McLaughlin who is set to retire at the end of this year.

Belmont Buzz: Belmont Composts

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with guest Julie Wu about her Belmont Composts service. Also includes Chenery MS Principal McAllister demonstrating the composting pilot program at the school.

Belmont Buzz: Chris Roy

Belmont Light General Manager Chris Roy speaks with Joanna Tzouvelis of the Belmont Citizen-Herald about his goals for strategic electrification, zero net energy, and the future of Belmont Light.

Belmont Buzz: Tom Caputo 6/12/19

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Tom Caputo, chair of the Belmont Select Board. 

Belmont Buzz: Steve Dorrance

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Steve Dorrance, Belmont's Director of Facilities.

Belmont Buzz 04/25/19

Recent winner of the Belmont Housing Authority election Cassandra Page and her campaign manager Cabell Eames stopped by Studio A to speak with host Joanna Tzouvelis. 

Belmont Buzz: Skip Viglirolo & Dante Muzzioli 03/22/19

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with two lifelong Belmontonians Skip Viglirolo (namesake of Belmont's skating rink and former hockey coach and DPW foreman) and Dante Muzzioli (local businessman and former award-winning hockey coach) about the present condition of Viglirolo Rink after nearly 50 years and plans for its future.

Belmont Buzz 02/08/19

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with outgoing Belmont selectman Mark Paolillo about his near-decade of public service as a selectman. 00:27:52

Belmont Buzz: Patrice Garvin 12/18/18

Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Belmont Town Administrator Patrice Garvin about her first year on the job.

Belmont Buzz 12/12/18

 Joanna Tzouvelis and co-host Nancy Sarris ask Belmont Books customers and staff about their favorite holiday traditions.

Belmont Buzz: Michael Widmer 11/02/18

Joanna Tzouvelis discusses upcoming Town Meeting with Michael Widmer, Town Moderator. 00:30:10

Belmont Buzz 10/24/18

Host Joanna Tzouvelis speaks with Yes For Belmont campaign members Ellen Schreiber and Jessie Bennett. Includes street interviews with Belmont residents and the animated Yes For Belmont promotion.