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News Now - Payson Park Church

The pandemic has pushed congregations to be creative. Here is the example of Payson Park Church and its Pastor Eric Wefald, who has found a creative way to continue to have choirs part of the service, and keep his community together. 00:16:11

News Now - Belmont Citizen-Herald reports

Weekly segment of Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist. Today, info on a new store in Belmont Center, leaf blowing regulation, Beatrice Circle 40B, uptick in local crime, and town receiving ,000 grant. 00:10:37

News Now - Sandwich Generation

Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist for Wayside Youth and Family Support Network explains the special struggle of sandwich generation, and how to deal with the demanding task to care both for children and aging parents. 00:07:46

News Now - Didrik's & Local Root

Small business series continues... today, we are visiting Jonathan Henke, at his store : Didrik's & Local Root, 77 Leonard Street 00:03:08

News Now - Contingency Budget?

The town is modeling the FY2022 budget, trying to go back to normal. But without an overrride, sacrifices have to be made. The question is how many? And for what? Franklin B. Tucker, editor of the, explains. 00:12:49

News Now - COVID Testing in Schools

Testing has been a critical asset to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Andrea Prestwich, Chair of the School Committee, would like to bring it to Belmont Public Schools. In today's News Now, she explains what the plan could be. 00:16:25

News Now - Pandemic's Impact on Kids

Nine months into the COVID-19 pandemic take a toll on everyone, including children. Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, explains how to help them to thrive even in such difficult times. 00:12:04

News Now - Twilight Madness

From Midnight to Twilight, Belmont Center's Madness is still up this year! Lee Gaston, Bessie Blue owner and organizer of the event, explains how the madness will be held this year to keep it safe and fun. #shop local #shop Belmont 00:06:30

News Now - Public Meeting on Override

Save the date (December 9 - 7 pm) for an important public meeting held by the town about the need of an override and the difficult budget choices to take. Jon Marshall, Assistant Town Administrator tells more. 00:06:55

News Now - All That Matters - Business Series #5

We are continuing our series on Belmont small businesses. Today's, let's visit "All that Matters", at 400 Trapelo Road, which has been there for almost 16 years. 00:04:29

News Now - Marching Band

Playing music together in the midst of a pandemic is not easy. BHS Marching Band has found a way to stay up and running, and offers this year virtual concerts. Allison Lacasse, the director tells more. 00:05:40

News Now - Craft Beer Initiative

Is the time to expand a small business? It seems like it is for Craft Beer Initiative, the parent organization of Craft Beer Cellar. Suzanne Schalow, co-owner, explains what's the plan, and they are navigating these unprecedented times. 00:04:58

News Now - MBTA Service Cutbacks

The MBTA just announced the cutback of 25% of its service. How does that affect Belmont? What is the big picture behind this decision? Will Brownsberger, Second Suffolk & Middlesex State Senator, answers. 00:12:57

News Now - Joanna Reports

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist reports : RIP, Richard Lane, former Police Assistant Chief passed away, buglars still at large, and Bradford Development et the Police Station near completion. 00:11:50

News Now - Hybrid Plans

Franklin B. Tucker, The reports on November 17 School Committee and the new BHS hybrid model and how the middle & elementary schools plan to upgrade theirs. 00:10:33

News Now - Clean Comfort Program

Belmont Light partners with Abode to offer a new program to promote highly efficient heating and cooling systems. New incentives are here to grab to switch from your actual system to a heat pump. Only for homeowners. 00:12:25

News Now - Preparing For Thanksgiving

In this week's segment, Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, gives advice to spend a happy and safe Thanksgiving. 00:10:38

News Now – Laura Panos

We are continuing our series on Belmont Small Businesses. Today, let's meet with Laura Panos. She is an employment law attorney, and she talks about the COVID-19 Impact on Service Industry and her business in particular. 00:11:04

News Now - Right to repair

In November Election, the Massachusetts overwhelming voted for the right to repair (Ballot question #1) Paul Roberts, Belmont resident & founder of explains why it's important and set the path for more. 00:18:18

News Now - Lions Club Xmas Tree Sale

Yes, Belmont Lions Club is organizing its Xmas Tree Sale! But it will look a bit different. Ken Krilla, publicity chairman, explains it all (and gives all details) to Mike Crowley. 00:08:21

News Now - BHS Broadway Night

Art is essential. Even in a time when school is remote, BHS Performing Arts Company was able to meet outside to work on an unprecedented Broadway Night, turned into a film. Ezra Flam, the director, tells more to Roger Colton. 

News Now - The Belmontonian Reports

Franklin B. Tucker, The talks about fees on cardboard drop-off, Glenn Castro being acting town accountant, decrease in school enrollment and hybrid models to improve. 00:10:00

News Now - Guidance For Parents on College Application Process

This week, Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist for Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, gives us guidance on college application process, and how to choose the best fit for your child. 00:11:49

News Now - Beatrice Circle, Ice Rink, Local Businesses

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald, reports on MassHousing approved 91 Beatrice Circle's eligibility for affordable housing, future of the ice rink, incentive for shopping local, and cannabis stores moving forward. 00:11:05

News Now - A Chocolate Dream

A Chocolate Dream just celebrated their 25-year anniversary. One of the keys of their longevity is a strong bond with the community. 00:04:28

News Now - Visual & Performing Arts in Schools

This year, visual & performing arts are taught in remote settings. Arto Asadoorian, director of the department, explains how that is new source of struggle but also of opportunities. 00:14:26

News Now - Composting

Belmont has just entered a preferred vendor relationship with Black Earth Compost for curbside composting. Julie Wu (Belmont Compost!), Tom Caputo (Select Board) & Jay Marcotte (DPW), give Roger Colton context and perspectives. 00:17:43

News Now - Free Cash

$ 11.2 million free cash! It was the town has, right now. Franklin B. Tucker, editor of the, explains how that's been possible and what this manna of money will be used for. 00:08:15

News Now - Elections & Furniture Fair

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, gives us the first results of Nov. 3 Elections in Belmont, and a first look at the furniture fair that happens today and tomorrow in the HS parking lot for the new school. 00:12:06

News Now - Youth Coordinator

Belmont has a new Youth Coordinator. Meet Michael Patty, who has been appointed by the Youth Commission two weeks ago. 00:11:24

News Now - Election Stress

Feeling stressed out by Election Day (and its outcome?) Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, gives some ideas to chill. 00:09:52

News Now - Local Businesses Brace for Winter

Belmont Small Businesses struggle. Mike Crowley talks with Gerry Dickhaut, Belmont Center Association President, who explains how the small businesses brace for winter and ask people to "Shop Smart, Shop Safe, Shop Local" 00:11:32

News Now - Resignation, Break-Ins, Elections & More

Steve Dorrance, Belmont Facilities Director, resigns. Early Voting about to end, numerous break-ins & scams & new ventures in Belmont Center, Joanna Tzouvelis tells us what, why, how, where and when, in her weekly segment. 00:14:41

News Now - Franklin reports on Oct. 27 School Committee

New timeline and task force have been adopted at Oct. 27 School Committee. Franklin B. Tucker, editor of the explains how and shares why live streaming is a more complicated issue that it seems. 00:09:32

News Now - Belmont Boosters

Belmont Boosters B-Drive didn't occur this year. Larry Christofori, the president of the non-profit organization, explains what the plan B is to replace (or not) this annual event that usually makes more than 40% of their fundraising efforts. 00:10:20

News Now - Prescription Drugs in the home

What do you do with remaining prescription drugs? Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist for Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, warns about their use and answers the question : should we lock them up? 00:11:04

News Now - Veteran Plaque Returns & Black Lives Matter Stand Out

Today's episode is all about community. First, mark your calendar for a dedication ceremony at 10:45 am in Waverley Sq. on Veterans Day. Secondly, meet the organizer of the weekly anti-racism stand-out in Cushing & Waverley Sq. 00:05:36

News Now - Gap Year

Is it a good time to take a gap year? This question is in mind of many students as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts education. Katherine Stievater, founder of Gap Year Solutions answers this question and more. 00:12:45

News Now – Oct. 20 School Committee & Sports

Franklin B. Tucker, The, explains the surprises of Oct 20 School Committee, and gives an update on soccer. Don't miss the highlight video of the BOYS soccer game vs Winchester at the end of the show 00:19:24

News Now – Emergency Rental Assistance

Belmont Emergency Rental Assistance Program is still on. Jennifer Van Campen, Executive Director of Metro West CD, who runs the program, explains how that works and why it's important to support renters affected by the COVID-19 crisis. 00:12:48

News Now - Town Administrator, Traffic and Craft Beer

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, reports on October 19 Select Board and details the new contract Patrice Garvin, the Town Administrator, got, traffic calming solution, and talk about the new venture of Craft Beer Cellar. 00:10:30

News Now - Safety Tips for Halloween

What about celebrating the season instead of one night? What to do to be safe at Halloween? What if you're not comfortable with trick and treat? Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist, answers those questions and more on today's News Now. 00:08:29

News Now - Bus Routes in Belmont Center

Buses don't go to Leonard Street anymore. The short story is: they are too tall to go under the bridge. But, Glenn Clancy, Belmont Community Development Director, is exploring how to have them back there. He explains it to Roger Colton. 00:09:37

News Now - School update

BHS hybrid model finally adopted, COVID cases emerging at Chenery Middle School and Belmont League also impacted by the increase of cases in other communities. Franklin B. Tucker tells us more. 00:10:11

News Now - BASEC Burbank

BASEC after school program has been offering services even in the midst of the first surge of the pandemic. Now, the schools are reopening in hybrid, and BASEC is adapting to the new configuration. 00:10:46

News Now - November 3 Elections

The ballots are out, early voting starts on Saturday October 17, it's still time to register. Ellen O'Brien Cushman, Belmont Town Clerk explains it all to give you the info you need to fulfill your right to vote this November 3. 00:13:41

News Now - Importance of Flu Shot

Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network reminds us of the importance of getting a flu shot, especially this year. 00:10:33

News Now - Beware of the drought

Julia Blatt, Executive Director of Massachusetts Rivers Alliance and Belmont resident, explains the unknown effects of a drought like the one the state is encountering now. 00:12:07

News Now - Belmont Serves 2020

The Belmont Religious Council (BRC) organizes its 12th edition of Belmont Serves this weekend (October 10 to 12). Jen Hoyda, BRC chair, explains how the community event is adapting to the pandemic. 00:08:59

PSA: The News That Refreshes

A quick upbeat PSA for BMC's daily local news show, Belmont Journal/News Now. 

News Now - Henry Frost Children's Program

Henry Frost Children's Program has reopened his doors to the pre-K children. Two teachers, Claire Kamenski and Heather DiGiovanni unveil the keys of their successful reopening and how they keep their small community safe. 00:10:39

News Now - In the Citizen-Herald

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald reports on Oct. 7 storm damages, a new building for 628 Trapelo Road, Fire training at 72 Payson Road, and a baby born in Belmont Fire Department's ambulance. 00:08:58

News Now - Hybrid & Remote Only, and Halloween!

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't", Franklin B. Tucker,, explains the difficult position of the school committee about hybrid at BHS and fulfillment of remote-only students. Also, what about Halloween this year? 00:16:28

News Now - Social Emotional Learning #2

Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist and Coordinator of the Belmont Wellness Coalition, answers parents' questions about Social Emotional Learning. 00:12:45 

News Now - Beech Street Center Open House

The Council on Aging recently held an open house on Beech Street Center Parking lot. BMC and Meredith Holch (our outreach coordinator) was there, and brings us a fun display of some of the services they offer there. 00:05:03

News Now - Public/Private Ways

In September, Special Town Meeting voted to make Carleton Circle public. First success since 1983. Roger Colton interviews Glenn Clancy, Community Development Director about the process and the 48 ways that are still fully private. 00:13:59

News Now - Power Outage, El Centro & Memorial Benches

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, reports on September 30 storm and power outages, El Centro closing but replaced, and two memorial benches in front of Vicky Lee. 00:06:14

News Now - Playbook for Hybrid Learning

Franklin B. Tucker reports on September 29 School Committee and the presentation of the playbook for hybrid learning in schools. 00:11:45

News Now - Recreation Department's Fall & Winter

After a successful summer program, the REC department has launched an almost sold out Fall Program. Brandon Fitts, Assistant Director, details fun upcoming events open to all (spoil: halloween!) and plans for the winter (and the ice rink). 00:09:01

News Now - Social Emotional Learning #1

This week, Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Special at Wayside Youth & Family Support Network, and chair of Belmont Wellness Coalition deciphers the concept of Social Emotional Learning. 00:12:17

News Now - From Cinema To Church

The end of an era and the beginning of another, the Bramante brothers sold the Studio Cinema and its building to the Beacon Community Church. Joanna Tzouvelis captures this time of transition for News Now. 00:05:17

News-Now Belmont Public Library Is Open

Corinne Coveney, Outreach Librarian, explains how the Belmont Public Library has reinvented itself since the closure in March. Followed by a report on last week's Friends of the public library flash book sale. 00:19:56

News Now – McLean Development, Civil Service & Schools

In this weekly segment, Franklin B. Tucker, The draws the line between a successful project at Town Meeting and a withdrawn one. He also talks about the school opening accelerated phases and surveillance testing under study. 00:17:44

News Now - Sports Season is Up & Running

Belmont public schools sports season is up and running. Jim Davis explains the hard work behind the scene and how things are evolving as new things unfolded. 00:22:23

News Now - Commissioner Riley & First Night of Town Meeting

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald reports on the letter, Education Commissioner Riley sent to Belmont and other low COVID-19 impacted towns, outdoor dining extended & the things to remember from the first night of town meeting. 00:16:19

News Now - Lisa Gibalerio answers parents

In this week's segment, Lisa Gibalerio, Prevention Specialist at Wayside Youth and Family Support Network, answers three questions, that parents asked about remote learning. 00:15:42

News Now - Studio Cinema & Back to School

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, reports on her two big stories of the week : Studio Cinema being sold and news of the back to school, including air assessment and work on racial equity. 00:08:35

News Now - Economic Development Committee

The new Economic Development Committee intends to know more and help Belmont small businesses to thrive. Emma Thurston, acting chair, explains how. 00:11:14

Belmont Journal - Special McLean Development #4

Last episode on our McLean Development Series with Patrice Garvin, Town Administrator, and Roy Epstein, Chair of the Select Board on how the development impacts Town revenues and traffic. 00:17:56

News Now - Controversy Over Assessment & Verbal Abuses

Franklin B. Tucker reports on Monday, September 14 Select Board, and how the police chief sees an up-tick in verbal abuses against police officers, and why a controversy over assessment is growing in Belmont. 00:15:38

News Now - Parental Guidance for Remote Learning

Wayside Youth & Family Support Network Prevention Specialist, Lisa Gibalerio, is back on News Now for her weekly segment to help parents and children to navigate crisis (pandemic or not). Today, she gives parental guidance for remote learning. 00:14:13

News Now - Meadowscaping at the Homer House

The Woman's club along with the non-profit Meadowscaping for Biodiversity are revisiting the plants in the historic Homer House yard with the help of some students. Here the full story. 00:06:39

News Now - Civil Service

If you missed the public meeting on civil service last Wednesday, Franklin B. Tucker, the, explains why the town wants to get rid of it, the unions' position, and how Sept. 21 Town Meeting might debate on it. 00:09:27

News Now – Girl Scouts

Who thinks that Girl Scouts is just about cookies and crafting is wrong. Amy Zuccarello, Belmont Service Unit Coordinator, and Kristen Zecchi, Parent Volunteer, demystify it. #girlpower 00:17:44

Belmont Journal - Special McLean Development #3

Steve Pinkerton, Planning Board chair, explains the process to get McLean Development project in line with the town standards. 00:21:20

News Now - Fall Sports & Ear Savers

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, reports on September 8 School Committee. Which varsity sports in the fall? What changes? Joanna tells us and also reports on Megan Holing's project of Ear Savers. 00:12:09

News Now - Women Who Win

Anusha Ramachandran, Belmont resident, has an interesting story, starting her career at 21 years old in Wall Street world. She shared it on a new network, Women Who Win. Roger Colton talks with her, and one of the founders, Deepa Jhaveri. 00:17:56

News Now - Community Preservation Committee

FY2022 funding cycle is up for the Community Preservation Committee. Before tomorrow (Wed., Sept. 9 - 6pm) public meeting, Elizabeth Dionne, its Chair, is giving us a clear overview on the whole process and its very first steps. 00:16:44

News Now - Joanna Reports

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist reports on harassment at Dunkin, a rise in thefts and break-ins and the town administrator's annual review. 00:08:31

Belmont Journal - Special McLean Development #2

Rachel Heller, co-chair of the Housing Trust, and Marty Bitner, chair of the Energy Committee, share with Roger Colton how McLean new Development comply with housing and energy requirements. 00:23:12

News Now - School Phases & Sept. 21 Town Meeting

Franklin B. Tucker gives an update on the schools reopening, its accelerated phased timeline and kindergarden fees being removed. He also explains why this September 21 special town meeting might last 3 long nights. 00:19:57

News Now - Transforming Belmont

Belmont Cultural Council gave a grant to the Belmont Art Association for their project "Transforming Belmont". This allows two selected local artists to create art on electric boxes. Roger B. Colton has the story. 00:06:10

Belmont Journal - Special Marijuana Business

Watch this special edition of Belmont Journal with Emma Thurston and the owners of the two upcoming Belmont Marijuana Stores. Emma talks with them about the taboo surrounding Marijuana use, and their business plans. 00:55:55 Both Calverde Naturals & Mint Retail will a second outreach community meeting in September. Check out the dates on the town's calendar ( if interested.

News Now - Belmont Helps Challenge

Belmont Helps needs funds to continue its work. To raise money, the leading team came up with an idea, in line with their ideal : involving the community and making it both, fun and useful. 00:15:58

News Now - Council on Aging

Since COVID-19 pandemic has begun, Belmont Council on Aging has been providing more and more services to seniors. From well-being checks to meal services, rides to entertainment, Nava Niv-Vogel, COA Director, gives us the full range of them. 00:18:27

Belmont Journal - Special McLean Development #1 - 08/27/20

For almost 2 years, Northland Residential and the town have been working on a proposal for a new development at Mc Lean. In this special series, Roger Colton interviews the principal stakeholders to give an overview of this project which offers a mix of different types of housing. 00:26:16

News Now - School Phase Timeline & Police & Fire Civil Service

Franklin B. Tucker, editor of the, reports on August 25 School Committee (Phase timeline, sports and remote learning models) and removing the police and fire departments from civil service. 00:17:10

News Now - In the Citizen-Herald

Joanna Tzouvelis, Belmont Citizen-Herald journalist, reports on the changes on Beatrice Circle 40B, outdoor dining extended, town hall opens to appointments, and fire chief search. 00:12:33

News Now - Powers Music School

Powers Music School has been busy all summer long to ensure a safe return to music practice in the fall. Gavin Farrell, the Executive Director, explains how they are doing it, and what the fundraiser "Music Heals Campaign" is for. 00:15:11

Belmont Journal News Now - FBE Apple Run 2020 08/21/20

Paul Roberts, race co-director, explains what to expect for the 2020 edition of the FBE Apple Run, which is one of the main fundraising events for the Belmont Public Schools. 

News Now - Override, Sports & Early Voting 08/20/20

Franklin B. Tucker, editor of the, reports on the override being postponed, Fall sports in jeopardy, and a reminder about early voting that starts on Saturday August 22. 

Belmont Journal News Now - Primary & Presidential Elections

Ellen O'Brien Cushman, Town Clerk, explains how to vote, reminds the important deadlines not to forget to be sure to vote. 

News Now – Becca Pizzi 5K Run

COVID-19 related, the Becca Pizzi 5K run and kids 1 mile has been postponed from April to August 30. As you can expect it, this fifth edition won't be the same as usual. But Becca promises : it will be still a lot of fun. Here more. 00:10:16

Belmont Journal News Now - School Reopening 08/17/20

On August 11, the School Committee voted on a phased reopening of the public schools, starting with remote learning. Superintendent John Phelan explains what's next, and how the public schools manage to bring the students back to learning in a safe and engaging way. 

News Now - Special Education

Sharisse Zeroonian interviews Seetha Burtner, Special Education Advocate about what parents can do to make sure that the special needs of their kid are fulfilled. 00:11:20

Belmont Journal News Now - State Aid 08/11/20

Will Brownsberger, Suffolk 2nd and Middlesex senator, published an article on his website last Friday about supporting municipalities. He tells more on News Now about the impact of the state aid on Belmont schools and government. 

Belmont Journal News Now - Emergency Rental Assistance & New businesses

There are good news on today's Joanna's report. First, Belmont Emergency Rental Assistance Program is on and it's time to apply (before August 14). Secondly, two businesses are opening, one in Cushing Square and one in Belmont center. 

Belmont Journal News Now - Belmont Helps Brighten Initiatives

Belmont Helps brightens Belmont Initiatives. Nothing stops the non-profit organization born from the pandemic. Here, two new initiatives: the kindness rocks project with the Beech Street Center & book exchange with the Friends of the Public Library. 

Belmont Journal News Now - Craig Spinale

Craig Spinale has just been appointed Belmont Light General Manager by the Select Board. He discusses with Belmont Journal Mike Crowley his main goals and projects for Belmont's own electrical company. 

Belmont Journal News Now - BASEC 07/29/20

Belmont BASEC is well known for the quality of its after school program. The schools closing hasn't meant BASEC program are out. The non-profit organization has adapted and offers activities for kids from K to 12. Gilchrist Imboywa interviews BASEC founder and director, Andrew Mountford.