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Adoptales 12/07/18

ARL Boston, December 2018. Discussion of how to introduce your new pets to pets already in the home.

Adoptales 06/15/18

Buddy Dog Humane Society & ARL Boston, Dedham branch. 2018.

Adoptales 04/09/18

Lowell Humane Society and Buddy Dog Humane Society.

Adoptales 7/2018

Lowell Humane Society. July 2018.

Adoptales 10/2018

Meet Denali, Bumpus, Mama Mia, and Sophia Baby from Buddy Dog Humane Society. Featuring a segment about how to prepare yourself and your home for a new pet. 00:29:27

Adoptales 11/21/17

Visit the Buddy Dog Humane Society and Animal Rescue League of Boston to meet some furry friends looking for homes. November 2017.

Adoptales 10/26/17

Meet furry friends looking for their forever homes at the Lowell Humane Society and the Northeast Animal Shelter. Filmed in October of 2017.

Adoptales, Episode 32

Animal Rescue League of Boston and Buddy Dog Humane Society. September 2017.

Adoptales 08/24/17

Dogs and cats available for adoption from the Buddy Dog Humane Society and Northeast Animal Shelter. August 2017.


Northeast Animal Shelter and Lowell Humane Society. December 2017.