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Ask The Police Chief 01/13/22

A co-responder social worker will soon work alongside the Belmont police officers. In this 10th episode of Ask the Police Chief, Police Chief James MacIsaac explains all the nuts and bolts of this decision. 

Ask The Police Chief

This month, Police Chief, James MacIsaac answers the question asked by a Belmont resident : How do pedestrian cross signals work in conjunction with traffic lights? Police Chief also answers the question : what is the cause of pedestrian fatality? 

Ask The Police Chief

Now that the local newspaper (Belmont Citizen-Herald / Wickedlocal) stopped to publish the Police Blotter every week, Belmont residents ask : where to find it now? Police Chief, Jamie MacIsaac, answers the question in this episode. 

Ask The Police Chief 09/02/21

In this episode (#7), Police Chief, Jaimie MacIsaac, answers the question : what can we do about traffic around schools? 

Ask The Police Chief 06/17/21

Once a month, Police Chief, James MacIsaac, answers a resident questions received on This month, he talks about Police Mountain Bike Patrol, that will be back soon in Belmont. 

Ask The Police Chief 05/20/21

In episode #4 of 'Ask the Police Chief', Police Chief, James MacIsaac, answers the question : Why do we have a school police officer? 

Ask The Police Chief

Police Chief, James MacIsaac, explains the overnight parking bylaw and enforcement. 

Ask The Police Chief 03/25/21

Belmont Police Chief, James MacIsaac, answers the question "How does one become a Belmont Police Officer?"