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Chenery Middle School Moving Up Ceremony 06/22/22

Chenery Middle School presents a Moving Up Ceremony for eighth graders. 

Belmont HS Class of 2020 Cruise

208 members of the class of 2020 attended the cruise which was their first live graduation event since the pandemic. Joanna Tzouvelis led the effort and formed a planning committee for the event. 

Chenery Moving Up Ceremony 06/18/21

Chenery Middle School Eighth Graders Moving Up Ceremony includes awards and slide shows of all the eighth graders! 

Family Fun Night PSA 04/14/21

BHS Unicef Club members promote upcoming Family Fun Night fundraiser. 

Butler Elementary Green Team: Earth Day is Everyday

Members of Butler Elementary's Green Team made videos for this collection about the environment. 

Chenery Middle School Moving Up Ceremony 6/17/20

Chenery Middle School's virtual "Moving Up" ceremony for 8th grade students.

Chenery Middle School: Moving On

Chenery Middle School: Moving On, Grade 8 Graduation video

Every Day is Earth Day Butler Green Team 05/08/20

Green Team members from Butler Elementary School made these videos to share their work and hopes for a better environment. 

PSA: Social Distancing - Chenery 8 Grader

A Chenery 8th grader reached out to the community and put a video together to call for keeping social-distancing. 

Chenery Middle School: Grade 8, 1st Grade Photos - 12 minute version

Slide show of 8th graders' photos from 1st grade.

Memorial Day 2020 Winn Brook 3rd Graders

Memorial Day 2020 Winn Brook 3rd Graders 

The BEDP Show 12/30/2019

A show produced by the Butler Extended Day Program.

Vaping: Know the Facts

Edgar Duran Elmudesi of Metro Boston Tobacco-Free Community Partnership gives a presentation on vaping, discussing tobacco and vaping industry tactics, the dangers of vaping, and what can be done.

Chenery Middle School Moving On Ceremony - 6/17/19

Chenery Middle School Moving On Ceremony held on June 17, 2019. 

Retirement Celebration for John McLellan 06/19/18

A concert that honors and celebrates the retirement of John McLellan, music teacher at Chenery Middle School. Videography and editing by Ottavio Forte.

Meet The Authors

Event at Chenery Middle School with Authors. Students interview various authors. 2017

Anna Ornstein: Holocaust Survivor 12/17/2015

Holocaust survivor Anna Ornstein speaks to Chenery Middle-schoolers in the auditorium. 

Burbank Garden Classroom 7/2015

A short video about the designing, planting and building of the Burbank Garden Classroom at Burbank School. Filmed by Lucas Tragos, Edited by E.J Johnson

Butler Talent Show 4/11/2015

Butler Elementary School's annual student talent show.

Physics of Sound with Boston Museum of Science presenter Noelle Perry

Physics of Sound with Boston Museum of Science presenter Noelle Perry at the Butler School

Butler School Talent Show 04/06/14

Annual Butler School Talent Show filmed by Wen Law and edited by Fernando Donaire

Colonial Day at Burbank School

Kids dress up for Colonial Day at the Burbank School. 5/21/2013

WellyCam: Wellington School Time Lapse 2011

Time lapse footage of the construction of the new Wellington School from 2011. Produced and edited by Jeremy Meserve.