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What's Going On? 110917

Bob Felleman interviews Larry Elle, program director of Professional Development Collaborative, a nonprofit that provides training to help the unemployed through job transitions.

What's Going On? 10/27/17

Jan Knights speaks about social security with Public Affairs Specialist Kristen Alberino, who discusses how the program evolved and the benefits it offers.

What's Going On? Ryan Lally 10/06/17

Jan Knight interviews magician Ryan Lally, who talks about how he got into the business and demonstates a few tricks.

What's Going On? 09/22/17

Sue Greenberg interviews author and Belmont resident Geoff Dutton.

What's Going On? 08/11/17

Jan Knight speaks about the Walk to End Alzheimer's and other related events with walk managers Marissa Bresnahan and Melissa Shirtcliff.

What's Going On? 04/14/17

Jan Knight speaks with Belmont Beekeeper Ottavio Forte. Topics include the difference between honey bees and wasps, the structure of the bee, the dwindling population of the bee, how the bees and wasps sting, and more.

What's Going On? 12/09/16

Jan Knight speaks with Francesca Montillo, founder of Lazy Italian Culinary Adventures, which offers cooking classes and trips to Italy.

What's Going On? 12/20/16

Jan Knight speaks about creative bereavement with Anne Marie Mahoney, Bereavement Program Facilitator.

What's Going On? 10/07/16

Henry Parker speaks about "Belmont Drives Electric" with Gabe Shapiro of Sagewell and James Booth, member of Belmont Energy Committee. "Belmont Drives Electric" is an initiative that highlights the benefits of driving electric as well as giving residents the opportunity to test drive electric vehicles. Recorded on 10/7/16.

What's Going On? 08/12/16

Jan Knight interviews with Linda Sopheap Sou, Chief of Interpretation and Education at Lowell Historical National Park. They discuss the park's centennial centennial and admission passes for the national park.

What's Going On? 07/22/16

Jan Knight speaks about stroke awareness with Marie McCune, Stroke Nurse Coordinator at Mount Auburn Hospital and Michael Payton, Paramedic at the Belmont Fire Department. Discussed are the signs, risk factors and dangers of a stroke, as well as prevention and treatment.

What's Going On? 06/10/16

Jan Knight speaks about hospice care in Massachusetts with hospice volunteer coordinator Andrea Heinlein and hospice volunteer Al Smith, both from Care Group Parmenter. Taped on 6/10/16.

What's Going On? 05/06/16

Belmont Media Center Executive Director Jeff Hansell and BMC Board Member Joanna Tzouvelis discuss upcoming events at BMC including Town Day coverage, BMC Open house on June 3rd, BMC Orientaton on June 6th and more.

Whats Going On? 04/29/16

Jan Knight talks with David D'Agostino, Belmont Post Office & Patty Mihelich, Belmont Food Pantry about the 2016 Letter Carrier Food Drive for the Belmont Food Pantry. Recorded April 29, 2016.

What's Going On? 04/08/16

Jan Knight discusses Operation ABLE and the new ABLE AgeWorks program with Martha Fields, Program Manager of ABLE AgeWorks and Henry Parker, BMC Front Desk Assistant. Taped on 4/6/16.

What's Going On? 04/01/16

Jan Knight speaks with Boston Marathon Historian Tom Derderian. Taped on 4/1/16.

What's Going On? 01/08/16

Henry Parker interviews Ed Klugman,a professor emeritus at Wheelock College. who discusses intergenerational play and the New Economy.

What's Going On? 12/18/15

Jan Knight interviews Al Smith, a member of the Civil War Roundtable, an organization committed to educating the public about the Civil War and preserving Civil War sites.

What's Going On? 12/16/15

Jan Knight speaks with Belmont firefighter Ross Vona about emergency preparedness and the File of Life, which is a form containing basic medical information needed in the event of an emergency.

What's Going On? 12/04/15

Beech Street Center Program Coordinator Lillian Hartman discusses recent and upcoming activities and programs at the Beech Street Center in Belmont.

What's Going On? 11/20/15

Ken Krilla talks about holiday happenings with the Belmont Lions Club. Taped on 11/20/15.

What's Going On? 11/06/15

Jan Knight speaks with self defense instructor Kristin Ann LaShoto who talks about self defense for vulnerable populations. Taped on 11/6/15.

What's Going On? 10/30/15

Dr. Linda Bennett and Dr. Tara Grimm from Bennett Family Eye Care discuss age related vision problems and other eye diseases.

What's Going On? 10/23/15

Belmont Media Center Executive Director Jeff Hansell speaks with Jan Knight about BMC's upcoming 10 year Anniversary and Annual Meeting to be held on October 29th at the Beech Street Center.

What's Going On? 10/16/15

Adriana Poole, Chairperson of Boston West Fair Skies, speaks about No Fly Day, an event that addresses the problem of airplane noise.

What's Going On? 09/18/15

Jan Knight interviews Rebecca Richards and Anne Katzeff from Belmont Gallery of Art, who discuss the gallery's upcoming 10th Anniversary Celebration.

What's Going On? 05/29/15

Dolores Vidal interviews Alex Marthews, chair of Restore the Fourth, which is an organization advocating Fourth Amendment Rights in the digital age.

Whats Going On? 05/22/15

Fresh Air Fund, Lisa Saedi

What's Going On? 05/08/15

Dolores Vidal speaks with Mount Hope Church Pastor Brian Krough and Joe Habelow. They discuss the new branch being built in Belmont.

What's Going On? 05/01/15

Maggie Rose March interviews Andrea Weaver, Founder and Executive Director of Bridges Intergenerational Programs.

What's Going On? 04/24/15

Dolores Vidal interviews Belmont Veteran Services Officer Bob Upton.

What's Going On? 04/10/15

Dolores Vidal interviews Mary Beth Calnan, Recycling Coordinator of the Town of Belmont. Mary Beth provides useful tips on dual stream recycling procedures.

What's Going On? 02/06/15

Maggie Rose March interviews Alex Marthews, president of Campaign for Digital Fourth Amendment Rights, an organization that tries to protect people's digital data from warrantless government surveillance.

What's Going On? 12/19/2014

Interview with Rena Baskin, community liaison for Belmont/Watertown Local First. 

What's Going On: Jennifer Parker from Yoga House Calls 12/12/14

Dolores Vidal discusses chair yoga with Jennifer Parker from Yoga House calls. Jennifer demonstrates chair yoga exercises with her students Ann Baratta and Judi Nierenberg.

What's Going On? : Fraud and Scams

Dolores Vidal discusses the topic of fraud and scams with Lt. Kristin Daley from Belmont Police Department.

What's Going On? Stress Management

Guest: Marie Rudzinsky

What's Going On? with Richard Pennington

Guest Richard Pennington

What's Going On? Merritt Mulman, Senior Helpers 06/15/12

What's Going On? Guest: Merritt Mulman, Senior Helpers 06/15/12

What's Going On? Dr. Richard Vallon, Podiatrist 06/01/12

What's Going On? Host Janette Crenshaw interviews Dr. Richard Vallon, Podiatrist. 06/01/12

What's Going On? - Elder Domestic Abuse

5/6/11: Janette & Dolores interview Charlie O'Brien of reachma.org about prevention and of elder domestic abuse. For more information, call: 781-891-0724 | email jo@reachma.org or call the HOTLINE: 1-800-899-4000. What's Going On? is produced and hosted by video volunteers from the Belmont Council on Aging, in Mass.

What's Going On? : Circle of Boston

4/15/11: Dolores Vidal and Janette Cranshaw interview Grace Campos and Reiko Akukwe, co-founders of Circle of Boston.

What's Going On? - Tom Younger

04/01/11: Tom Younger, Town Administrator for the Town of Belmont, MA talks with Dolores Vidal about timely developments and news in town, including budget, upcoming Town Meeting and plans for a new library

What's Going On? - John Hope, Elder Attorney

3/25/11: Dolores & Janette interview John Hope, elder attorney.

What's Going On? - March 18, 2011

3/18/11: Dolores and Janette discuss the week's events and news

What's Going On? | Ann Hartstein

5/20/11: Dolores and Janette visit with the Secretary of the Executive Office of Elder Affairs for the Commonwealth, Ann Hartstein. What's Going On? is produced and hosted by Senior volunteers from the Belmont Council on Aging.