One Book, One Belmont 2009

Belmont Public Library’s - One Book One Belmont 2009 - honored Belmont’s 150th Anniversary by spotlighting Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal, Vegetable,Miracle via a number of events that celebrated Belmont’s rich agricultural history. Excerpts from a number of those events, such as: Jane Sherwin’s and Francis Moore Lappe’s talks, Habitat’s Roger Wrubel’s guided walking tour of Habitat, MacLean Open Space and Rock Meadow, and Cooking Demonstrations by Michael Ehlenfeldt of Stone Hearth Pizza, and Joh Kokubo of Kitchen on the Commen, along with on-site interviews with Lydia Ogliby and Sal Sergi of Sergi Farm, and Heli Tomford and Suzanne Johannet of the Belmont Farmer’s Market, provide the sights and information needed to understand both the past and present of Belmont agriculture. Producer, Director & Editor Ian Scully of Culture Films LLC -

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Belmont Media Center-Public Access