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Be sure to tune in to Belmont Journal's Feb. 9th show featuring all the latest news you need to know about Belmont in under 30 minutes.Firefighters explain how to administer Narcan if a loved one is overdosing on heroin. Belmont Public Library Director Peter Struzziero talks about the efforts to...
This week, learn more about Becca Pizzi's decision to make history again as the only person to compete in the World Marathon Challenge a second time. She will be running in seven marathons on seven continents in seven days beginning Jan. 30. Host Jeff Hansell, Belmont Media's Executive Director,...
Board of Selectmen Chairman Jim Williams reflects on the major happenings in Belmont in 2017 including the approval of a community path route, reduciton of the OPEB liability, hiring a new town administrator, changing the liquor license regulations, and going out to bid for an automated trash...
That's right, BMC is seeking qualified candidates to apply for the full-time position as our Government & News Producer. Some local residents may remember that long-time Belmont resident, piano player, raconteur, singer and actor, Paul Carey covered many, many public meetings and events for BMC...
Storm Information Advisory and Tips Current forecasts predict that Belmont may be impacted by strong winds and heavy rain beginning as early as Sunday. This storm has the potential to cause flooding as well as downed trees and power lines. Take the proper precautions to ensure that basements are free of valuables which may be damaged in the event that flooding occurs. All Town Departments are making preparations to deal with whatever the weather brings.

What's Going On? - Tom Younger

04/01/11: Tom Younger, Town Administrator for the Town of Belmont, MA talks with Dolores Vidal about timely developments and news in town, including budget, upcoming Town Meeting and plans for a new library

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04/01/2011 - 11:41am
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